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aaliyah taylor cory chase luke longly alex adams dustin steele war zone Sale!

First Week on the job, Officer Aaliyah Taylor if forced to take Cock after Cock in every hole. Will she stay on the force or beg for more cum in War Zone.

Aaliyah Taylor in Beat Cops – War Zone

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Product Description

Scene One: Cop a feel

A call of a break in has been reported. When Officer Taylor gets to the scene she sees the door wide open. Unholstering her weapon she calls out into the house. She doesn’t notice until too late that it’s a trap. A man grabs her and knocks the from her hand. Caught in the Beat Cops War Zone…

She wakes up with her hands cuffed behind her back and her panties thrown to the floor. She tries to fight back against her attacker but it’s no use. He grabs the back of her head and forces her to suck him like a slut. She is used and fucked like a sex doll. The violation makes her feel so dirty as she waits for him to finish using her. “No no no!” She moans as she’s brought to her knees With a grunt he shoots his load of humiliation all over her face. “I hate this job” She moans, while disgusting cum drips down her face.

Scene Two: Dance with the devil

It’s been a tough week, trying to put her violation behind her. She just has to keep working and hope to forget. Getting a call about a reported vandalism she’s much more cautious as she enters a mans home. As they talk he pulls her away from her. Powerless he makes her strip out of her uniform. Officer Taylor is completely humiliated as she’s made to expose herself.

Forced to her knees again she thinks how stupid she was as she’s made to suck his disgusting cock. He bends her over the couch and fucks her silly, spreading her pussy lips and using her hot body. With his hand around her throat he destroys her faith in humanity. Giving a final good bye to her with a big load of cum for her angry face. Welcome to the War Zone.

Scene Three: Zero Tolerance

“What the hell happened here?” Officer Taylor asks arriving to a crime scene. Backup should be arriving any minute as she explores the house. But backup isn’t coming… She’s been tricked again. The nightmare just continues as another gang member ties her up and strips her of her uniform and dignity.

On the damp bed she’s made to suck another hard cock. He forces her to open her mouth and pleasure him like the slut she’s become. All she wanted to do is serve and protect but now she can’t stop being fucked again and again. “I think you deserve some time off” The gang leader says as he cums on Officer Taylor’s face. She will never be able to wash away the shame.

Scene Four: Street Justice

Officer Taylor refuses to work the streets alone anymore. Partnered up with Officer Chase they roll up to their next assignment. They wake to find themselves tied up and at the mercy of the whole gang. All three men laugh and taunt the officers situation. They make a game of groping the officer’s tits and choosing which one of them goes first!

Thrown to the bed, Officer Taylor is shaking with fear. She looks into the eyes of the three men who fucked her. Their dirty hands pawing at her body as she writhes in anger. They spread her legs and fuck her, making sure that her every hole is used. The men don’t take turns with her, they fuck her all at once breaking every last bit of of her soul. Cumming like a slut, Taylor’s body betrays her and adds to her humiliation. She pleads with them as one by one they cum on her face. Leaving her glazed in their disgusting loads. They leave before Officer Chase can free herself. “There were so many cocks, so much cum” Officer Taylor cries to her partner covered in shame.

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