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aaliyah taylor in paying my husbands debts Sale!

Aaliyah Taylor has a deadbeat husband who cannot pay his debts. Unfortunately for her she must pay back the money with all her slut holes!

Aaliyah Taylor in Paying My Husbands Debt

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Product Description

Scene One: Forced Anal

“Your husband owes some money. He can’t pay so the debt is yours” They man says grabbing Aaliyah by the throat and throwing her to the bed. “Get off me! I’m not paying!” She shouts at him. But when his rough hands begin to squeeze her soft body anger turns to fear. “I’ll get you the money I promise, just get off of me” She begs him.

But it’s too late. He’s going to show her how to pay interest on a long outstanding debt. Her naked body is pinned down to the bed and her ass cheeks spread. Painfully he forces his cock into her tight ass and thrusts. “Please!” She screams in pain and humiliation as he fucks her ass and puts his dirty cock into her clean virgin mouth. After fucking her like a whore around her bedroom he yells “Open your mouth bitch” and gives her a hot load to swallow. The good little housewife Aaliyah has never felt more violated in her entire life.

Scene Two: Debt is paid

There’s some bad news for Aaliyah… the fucking isn’t over. A second gang member walks into her bedroom to take his turn getting his money’s worth from her. It doesn’t matter how much cum she swallows or how hard her pussy and ass are fucked, she’s going to be used as much as they want until that debt is paid.

The second man goes to work on the sloppy seconds whore, fucking her mouth, her pussy and her still tight ass. If she gets lippy or begs him for mercy he chokes her and fucks harder. Shoving his fingers into her pussy he finger bangs her so hard that she cums against her will on his thick knuckles. The ultimate betrayal of her body. Using her until he shoots cum all over her exhausted face, the gangsters tell her that she pays or they’ll be back next month with more men and more cum for her to wear.

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