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alex blake cory chase flash vs brain drain

Flash is the fastest woman alive, even her brain is faster than normal humans. She confronts Brain Drain but something compels her to sit on the couch.

Alex Blake in Brain Drain vs Flash


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“You’re coming with me Brain Drain!” The flash says. She’s the fastest woman alive and nothing will slow her down. Even her brain is faster than normal humans. “Your tricks won’t work on me!” She says. But something compels her to sit on the couch.

Softly Brain Drain’s words enter her mind. “Aren’t you feeling so relaxed?” Brain Drain asks. Flash jumps up and tries to run away but can’t. Her thoughts are stuck in mud and she’s so confused as Brain Drain gropes her body. What’s happening? She has to get away. But she can’t escape Brain Drain’s kisses and hands.

She wants to fight but instead she spreads her legs and touches her pussy through her cute white panties. She’s completely lost, unable to think and broken by her body’s lust. Brain Drain brings her new toy to her bedroom, the last the world will see of the flash….

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