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anastasia knight luke longly My Daddy's Baby Sale!

I drag my Daughter Anastasia Knight into the bathroom. I ask her, “Did you think I wouldn’t know?” Crying, she answers, “It’s you Daddy. You’re the father.”

Anastasia Knight in My Daddy’s Baby

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Product Description

Scene One: Revelation

I drag my Daughter Anastasia Knight into the bathroom. I ask her, “Do I look stupid? Did you think I wouldn’t know?” Crying, Anastasia answers, “Please Daddy no.” I yell at her to strip and she does. After she is naked, I fondle and finger fuck her roughly and say, “I thought so. You’re pregnant. Who’s the father?” She cries and begs, “No!” I poke her with me finger all over her body making her jerk to get her to answer but she refuses to do so. I finally say, “I’ll teach you, you little whore.” I unzip his pants and forces her to have sex bent over the sink . Really slamming in and out of her. Afterwards I again demand she tell him me the father of her baby is. She looks directly at me and says, “It’s you Daddy. You’re the father of my baby.

Scene Two: Before

The Daughter is laying in bed. She is naked, eyes clenched tightly shut, crying silently, hands up like she is trying to push her Father off who is on top of her, having vigorous sex with my daughter Anastasia Knight. The scene blurs or fades out. The montage begins.

A)  Bent over kitchen table. Fully dressed with just her pants around her ankles.

B)  Doggy-style, fully nude in master bedroom.

C)  Sex up against the wall. The Daughter in a skirt with no panties. The Father’s pants down around his ankles.

Scene Three: Riding Daddy

Daddy walks Anastasia to the bed and pushes her down. Daddy is fucking the fully naked Daughter doggystyle in bed. He slaps her ass and makes her alternately bark and squeal during this. He then makes her ride him cowgirl style, bouncing up and down vigorously. He yells “ride ’em cowgirl” during this and makes her yell, “Yee Ha!” He cums in her mouth, forces her to swallow his seed and afterwards she runs into the bathroom and pukes.

Scene Four: I am Keeping My Baby

Anastasia is in her room talking with Daddy explaining she wants to keep the baby. Daddy tells her this is wrong and will not work out. She disagrees with him and says she is keeping it anyway. Daddy is very persuasive and talks her into removing the problem in his own way…

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