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andi james Sale!

Mom Andi James is asking her Son Luke for Money…She had no idea what to expect or what her would eventually make her do for the cash!

Andi James in The Unloved Son

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Product Description

Part 1- Breaking Mom

Luke’s mother, Andi James, has never acted like a mom to him. All that she ever cared about was his sister, Cory. She never showed him any love or appreciation and made it clear that he never really mattered to her, until now… and that’s only because she needs his help financially. There has been a lot of built up resentment and anger between them that has been forming since Luke’s younger sister Cory was born.  It is now time for Luke to get revenge on his mother now that she is not in the position to say no. “You were never my mom so I’m not going to treat you like you’re my mom. You’re just a woman in financial trouble,” he says to her. He demands that she strip naked, if she really wants his money. How far is Andi willing to go?

Part 2- Testing Her Limits

“Are you willing to do anything?” Luke asks his mother Andi James, as he takes his hard cock out of his pants. He then insists that she start by giving him a blowjob if she really wants his financial assistance. He then puts her on his desk and proceeds to have sex with her. While fucking his mother, Luke tells her that she needs to stop by his house tomorrow to meet with his attorney to sign some documents. She also needs to tell his sister Cory that Luke will be now be in charge; he then kicks her out of his office. We then see Andi meeting up with Luke’s sister Cory, who asks if she got the money to pay the bills. “You better get Luke to pay, or else!” Cory proclaims.

Part 3- The Contract

Luke and Andi meet with Luke’s attorney to sign some paperwork. “You can trust me,” he says, as she signs all the documents without reading them.  “You just signed away your life, all your possesions. I own you now,” Luke says to his mother. He then proceeds to bring her in to a bedroom with a bed and lights facing the bed. He explains to her that she is going to have to work for her money by becoming a webcam performer for his company. Andi is shy, but Luke does not care. “Say hi to all your new fans, mom” he exclaims. Andi strips naked for her son and for the camera that he is holding in his hands; she then lays back on the bed and begins to masturbate. “It feels so good,” she moans at the camera. Her sons dick begins to get hard as he watches her. Andi then sucks Luke’s hard cock while moaning “I love tasting you.” Luke then demands that his mother lie back on the bed and spread her legs for him so he can shove his cock inside of her hairy pussy. They have sex in several different positions, while filming the entire thing for Andi’s new fans. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” she demands, and eventually receives from him. Right after he cums on her face and in her mouth, he then quickly mentions how he wants his sister Cory to sign some paperwork as well. What does he want Cory to sign? She will find out tomorrow at 5:00pm…

Part 4-Forgotten Brother

Andi meets up with her other son, Luke’s brother, Mike. She is in tears; she is a wreck from all that Luke has been putting her through lately. She begs for Mike’s help since he is a police officer; she makes the assumption that he will help her if she has sex with him too. “Your dick is so much better than your brothers,” she says while she begins to suck his dick. They have sex in several positions until Mike eventually cums all over his mother’s big, natural tits. Then she asks “So, you’re going to help me, right?” and Mike responds by telling her that he never planned to help her because he’s on his brother Luke’s payroll. Sorry, mom.

Part 5- Breaking My Sister

Cory and Andi James are sitting on Luke’s bed in party dresses… just as Luke asked them to. Cory is still not fully sure of what Luke has planned for them, since their mother Andi hasn’t disclosed all of the details to her yet. Luke comes in to the room and demands that they strip each other out of their clothes. “What?!” Cory states, “This is so humiliating!” Cory is disgusted by both her mother and her brother’s sexual behavior, but she continues to go along with this plan simply because she is so desperate for money to keep her lavish lifestyle. Andi begins to have sex with her son Luke, and Cory is disgusted but desperate. Will Luke be able to break his sister too…?

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