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Angie Noir, The mayor, is fed up with the cartel. She will do whatever it takes to fuck them up. What she doesn’t know is that the cartel fucks back.

Angie Noir in Beat Cops – Meet the Mayor

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Product Description

Scene One: Planting Evidence

The mayor has called in her top cop to plant evidence on a cartel that’s moved into her town. As the officer is leaving the mayors office she is jumped and knocked out. With her limp body on the ground the thug goes through the evidence folder and plans his next move.

He bursts into the mayors office and grabs her, throwing her to the desk. “God please!” The mayor screams as the thug gropes her big tits. “What’s in this mayor?” He asks throwing the fake evidence onto the desk. The mayor is helpless as he strips her naked with his strong unforgiving hands. She is just a slutty plaything now. Forced to her knees to suck the thugs big cock. Forced to spread her legs for her wet hole to be used. Forced to take his big load all over her face.

They can get her anywhere, and she’s not safe. His cum on her face is just to remind her not to fuck with them.


After the attack, the mayor has been moved to a safe house. They are still going to go after the cartel but they have to play it safe now. “I’m scared to death” The mayor says to her top cop. “Do your best, please and put these guys away!” She commands.

Once alone she trembles in fear as another thug enters her house. “Oh no… please” She cries. As her panties are pulled off. She knows just how helpless she is against these thugs. He is just too strong and she can only cry as he does what he wants to her. He forces his cock into her mouth and violates her. Grabbing her he pulls the mayor into her kitchen and fucks her senseless. The punishment seems to last forever. Getting used and humiliated until he cums into her lying mouth.