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annika eve in limp chronicles Sale!

Annika Eve learns the hard way her Daddy has a Limp Fetish and Dad learns he also has a full Bush Fetish in the Limp Chronicles.

Annika Eve in Limp Chronicles

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Clip Length: 21 minutes Clip Resolution: 1920x1080 Clip Format: MP4 Featuring: , Category: Tags: , , , , ,

Product Description

Scene One: Perverted detention

“How much longer!” Annika says in anger. She’s in detention while all her friends are having fun and she’s furious about it. Her detention monitor makes her a deal, he tries something on her and she gets to leave after in Limp Chronicles.

Bratty and annoyed Annika agrees. As she sits on the teachers desk he sneaks up behind her and puts a rag over her mouth. She screams surprise into the rag as the magic slowly does its work. The teacher softly lays her down onto his desk. With her at his mercy he strips her hot young body of her slutty clothes. Fuck she’s hot, it’s all he can do not to fuck her right there as he touches her. “Looks like your time is up” He laughs and leaves her to wake, naked and confused. What a fucking pervert.

Scene Two: Daddy I have a cramp

Just back from a run Annika has injured her calf. Dad’s watching sports center when she comes in begging him to help her make the pain go away. She is relentless and forces him to massage her painful muscles. Having enough of her, he takes her pain away and her consciousness.

“Go to sleep” He whispers to her. Her hot sweaty body in his hands he massages her like he always wanted. Taking off her tight damp clothes and working his hands into her ass and tits. He lifts and repositions her naked body on the couch. He’s got to get out of there before he does something even worst to his fit daughter leaving her to wake up naked with no pain in her leg.

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