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My Young Mom Annika Eve is the slut of the town and fucks all the Dads and my Teachers. Tonight I put something in her drink for the start of Hell Night!

Annika Eve in Mom’s Hell Night


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Product Description

Scene One: Town Tramp

Mommy, Annika Eve is drinking a glass of wine on the couch. The Son walks into the room and asks, “How’s it going Mom? How do you feel?” She smiles, says, “I’m fine baby, why?” She tries to get up but falls back. She says, “Wait, what?” The Son says, “Along with being the biggest whore in town, you’re really predictable Mom. I put a little something extra in your wine.” She falls back on the couch and dazedly asks, “What? What are you doing? Why are you doing this?” He answers, “Because Mom, my whole life I’ve had to live with my mother being the town tramp. You think I haven’t known what a slut you are? You’ve fucked half the men in this town; including my friend’s dads and even some of my teachers. You’re a whore Mom. And I decided that if every other man in this town is going to fuck you then I’m getting in on the fun. And don’t worry, I didn’t give you enough to knock you out. I don’t want you to miss out on the fun. Tonight you are mine whore.” He then walks over to her and roughly yanks her clothes off the beginning of Mom’s Hell Night.

He then spends some time finger fucking her pussy; playing with her tits roughly, sucking them, slapping them that kind of thing. During this he repeatedly asks/says things like; “You like that Mom? You like that? Tell me how many men have you fucked? Did Dad leave because of your whoring? Were you born a whore or did you grow into it?” Especially while finger fucking her, he asks, “Does that feel good Mom? You like being finger fucked or do you like dick better?” He drops his shorts, pulls out his dick and says, “Look at it! Look at it Mom! We’ve got all night and I am going to fuck you in every hole you’ve got.” He then yanks her legs apart so one leg is on the couch and the other on the floor and one arm falls off the couch. He/stares at her body and he gets on to of her and fucks her. He cums with a grunt, gets off and says, “Don’t worry Mom. The fun has just begun.”

Scene Two: It’s What’s for Dinner

Set a little while later. He drags his fully nude Mother under his arm into the kitchen. He (with some effort, he’s a young guy) lays her over the kitchen table face-down with her legs hanging off the edge. He asks, “Have you been fucked on the kitchen table before Mom? I know you’re been fucked on the couch before. You think I wouldn’t find out about my Little League coach? You think he wouldn’t brag about it?” She mumbles something. He says, “What’s that Mom? You’re sorry you’re a whore? I’m not. I’m glad you’re a whore because tonight you’re my whore.” He then has sex with her from behind. During this he constantly talks; calling her a slut, whore, etc, and saying things like; “Does that feel good Mom? It feels good me. If I had known what a good fuck you were, I’d have fucked you a long time ago. GOD DAMN! That’s some good pussy.”

He flips her on her back. Her eyes are unfocused and she tries to speak but can’t. he says, “What’s the matter Mom? Cat got your tongue? I know you like making noise when  you are fucking. The word has been  out on that.”  He hikes her legs in the air and drapes them over his shoulders. He says, “Oh I like this. I want to see your face while I’m fucking you.” He fucks her for quite a while with hard brutal thrusts making her (especially her boobs) bounce with every thrust.

He drops her to her knees, shoves his cock in her face and unloads into her mouth. Mom cleans off his cock like the slut she is and crawls embarrassed to the couch…I should do this more often…Giving Mom a Hell Night all of her own…

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