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annika eve in smashing of dustin

Annika is enjoying some alone time at the gym, A man walks in, He tells her to leave, when she doesn’t the smashing of Dustin begins.

Annika Eve in Smashing Dustin


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Product Description

Scene One: Choke

Annika is enjoying some alone time at the gym, stretching her over worked body. No one is there so early in the morning and that’s the way she likes it. A man walks in and casts his shadow of testosterone over her. He tells her to leave so he can work out and when she doesn’t go he gets down and attacks her. He’s going to show her why she should listen to him. The smashing of Dustin begins.

Scene Two: Scissorholds

As soon as he fights her he realizes his mistake. Annika is a professional wrestler who doesn’t take crap from ego inflated men. “What the fuck!” He yells as he taps out. He can’t believe what happened. He tries wrestling her again and again, each time Annika gets around his neck and brings him to the edge of consciousness. “See you later” Annika says having to leave for work. Broken, he drags his body off the mat, unable to stand and barely alive. A full smashing of Dustin.

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