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annika eve in my young Mom

My Young Mom finally has the talk with me. She calls me into her bedroom to explain how hard relationships can be and to stay away from sluts.

Annika Eve in My Young Mom


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Scene One: Mother sex is the best

“We’re finally going to have the talk” my mom says to me. Calling me into her bedroom she explains how hard relationships will be, and what to expect now that I’m a man. “A lot of the women you date will be whores or dream killers only hoping to get pregnant” She lays it all out for me. “I don’t want to see you get hurt” Said my young mom…

“I know you’re curious about women’s bodies” My mom says as she slowly opens up her top. “Breasts turn you on don’t they?” I feel my body freeze with terror. A white hot cold terror as she touches herself and touches me. I can’t believe what is happening. She strokes my cock before sliding off her wet panties. She tells me I’m ready to break my virginity as she slides me inside her warm pussy. Moaning my mommy rides on top of me, making me her little toy to play with. Her hair sliding down my face as she breathes her pleasure in my ears and slides up and down me. I feel something strange and my vision goes white as I cum inside of her. She screams at the feeling of the warm cum and orgasms on top of me.

I don’t need any other girl in my life except my mommy. “It’s are little secret” She whispers to me with a kiss.

Scene Two: Let mommy swallow you

Over the next few days mom has been nonstop fucking me. Her warm tight pussy is on me anytime my cock gets hard. She could fuck me for days. Her robe opens up and she puts me inside her whenever she wants. Moaning, mommy rides me. “Remember, this is our little secret” She smiles at me.

Her big perky tits bounce in my face. I love my mom so much. She takes care of my every need. Her hands slide down my body and her pussy tightens. I feel myself getting ready to cum, my balls tightening and my body going stiff. “I want you to cum inside my mouth” She moans, jumping off my cock and shoving it into her mouth, swallowing me all down. It feels even better than cumming inside her. “That’s a lot of cum” She giggles. The best mommy in the world! My Young Mom!

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