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ashley adams in fractured daughter Sale!

Ashley Adams is standing crying asking why this is happening, Daddy grabs his daughter and she pulls away, next starts the fractured daughter.

Ashley Adams in Fractured Daughter

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Product Description

Scene One: Why Daddy?

Daughter is standing in the middle of the room crying asking why this is happening. Daddy grabs her by the hair and tries to kiss her, Daughter pulls away so Daddy teaches her a lesson. First with the open hand and then with the belt. She is forced to all fours where Daddy then enters her from behind. At first he goes slow, sticking a finger up Ashley’s ass…then his cock…next he roughly fucks her very tight ass. The start of the Fractured Daughter.

Poor Ashley cries out “Why?” but Daddy continues until he is finished…

Scene Two: Remember the Last Time

The Father is sitting on the couch and the Daughter, in a summer dress, is standing in front of him several feet away, eyes closed tightly. He tells her to open her eyes and look at him. He says, “You’ve been doing really well lately Ashley, really well. I want to show you something new today. Now take your clothes off.” She begins to cry and otherwise silently undresses. After she is naked, he has her spread her pussy lips, play with herself, squeeze her boobs, turn around & bend over and reach back and spread her ass cheeks. He then has her crawl over to him and instructs her take his dick in her mouth and start sucking it. She gives him head slowly, poorly, with little suction, eyes closed and of course starts crying. He has her stop, strikes her face HARD and tells her to start doing a better job or he is taking his belt off. She starts back but he gets irritated at the job she is doing. He has her get on the couch on all fours length ways and fucks her up the ass. He cums and grunts, “Swallow it! Swallow it! Swallow every bit of it you little bitch!” and shoves her off the couch, she grabs her clothes and runs out of the room bent over and crying.

Scene Three: Squeal Like a Pig

The Father says, “You know I like best baby? I like fucking you up the ass. I love fucking you up the ass more than anything in the world.” He pulls her up by the hair and shoves her over the kitchen table. He says, “You know what to do. Spread those ass cheeks for Daddy.” She then reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks and keeps her hands there. He starts having VERY rough anal sex with her, grunting very animalistically during this. During this he holds her by the hair with one hand and has her face twisted so he can see her face with the other. He has her squeal like a pig during this, saying things like, “Squeal baby, squeal like a pig for Daddy.” That kind of thing until he cums, says, “Do you remember the first time I fucked you up the ass?” and staggers away exhausted.

Scene Four: Tears of a Daughter

Ashley is lying on her back on the living room floor, underwear and a blouse that buttons in the front. Eyes closed, limp, unresisting, crying of course. The Father is on top of her; kissing her on her unresisting/unresponsive mouth, sucking, kissing, and squeezing her boobs through her shirt, and squeezing her between the legs. The Father unbuttons the blouse, unhooks bra, and yanks her pants/panties down. He grunts loudly, “Beautiful! Beautiful!” and gets on top of her and starts screwing her. He does this for a couple of minutes, He stops, looks at her, pauses and says, “Not into it today baby? Well maybe you’ll like this!” He flips her on her stomach, kicks her legs apart, and starts having anal sex with her. She lets out a little cry with each thrust but her face looks like she is absolute agony. He fucks her until he cums in her mouth. We see Ashley’s face as she slightly convulses in shock.

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