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ashley adams in I need a new gym

Going to the cheapest gym in town is a bad ideas. Ashley Adams is used and humiliated, she wakes to tell herself that she needs to find a new gym.

Ashley Adams in I need a New Gym


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There’s nothing better than coming home after the gym and sliding your tired body into bed. If you go to sleep it’s like the workout never happened and you can wake refreshed and ready to start the day. Ashley’s workout strategy has kept her fit and looking amazing as she closes her tired eyes and falls deep asleep, safe and sound…She will soon realize she needs a New Gym!

But going to the cheapest gym in town to work out may not have been the best idea. The looks she gets as she works out are creepy but the man following her home is dangerous. He breaks into her room and softly touches her big fucking tits. She’s so tired she doesn’t even notice him pulling down her top.

She wakes screaming and he jumps into action. Putting a rag over her face he quiets her down. Now he has her limp body all to himself. His little puppet to use, his property to strip. He owns her hairy tight pussy, sliding her to the edge of the bed and using her. Leaving a dirty surprise deep inside her hot cunt.

Used and humiliated, Ashley wakes to tell herself that she needs to find a new gym…

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