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cory chase beat cops danger signs Sale!

Turned down for a promotion again Sgt Cory Chase opens a bottle of wine. In walks a intruder, strips her then fucks her beautiful tight ass! No Danger Signs!

Cory Chase in Beat Cops – Danger Signs

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Product Description

Turned down for a promotion again, officer Chase angrily opens up a bottle of wine. Sexism is still alive and well in her department and it pisses her off. She’s so angry she doesn’t hear me walk in until it’s too late. With hate in her eyes I teach her what real sexism is as I force her to strip her top and handcuff herself. She did not see the Danger Signs…

I bend her over the counter and pull down her panties. “Get your filthy hands off of me!” She yells as I spread her legs. She looks at me with as much hate as she can as I push my cock inside of her and fuck her. I fuck her tight little ass too, making her scream out in humiliation. She insults me as I force her to her knees to clean my dirty cock and shoot my disgusting load all over her filthy face. “You fucking animal” She yells at me as I leave her used and cuffed on the floor.

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