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Who controls the mats at the gym? Cory has a new challenger that thinks just because she’s a girl she’s weak and powerless. Time for a lesson!

Cory Chase in Grapple Up

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Product Description

Cory is at her local gym, stretching her perfectly tone and muscular body. Some meat head walks over to her and tells her to get lost. “I need you to get off the mat” He demands. He’s got an important wrestling match coming up and needs to practice. With a smile Cory tells him he can practice with her. “You really think you can take me on?” He says. At the very least it will be a fun warm-up, he thinks and gets down on the floor.

As they start to wrestle he realizes that he’s in trouble. She is way faster and more flexible than him. Even though he’s stronger, she schools him on what real wrestling is. He has to tap out again and again, unable to cope with being beaten by a woman. Her hot body pressed up against him, dominating him turns Cory on so she decides to take it to the next level.

Scene Two: This Time I am on Top

Cory smothers him with her breasts and laughs at how she’s able to get away with it. After wrestling for so long, he’s exhausted and Cory has complete control over him. She humiliates him, locking his head between her legs and forcing his face into her pussy. He can’t do anything against her.

She dominates him and makes him kiss and worship her strong arms. She reaches down and grabs his tiny cock. He can’t even get hard for her he’s so tired. With his tiny cock in her hands she humiliates him even more, and with a slap on his tired ass she kicks him off of her mat. He wont be coming back to that gym any time soon.