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cory chase luke longly super gurl vs general zod

Super Gurl is attacked and impregnated by General Zod who is now immune to Krypotonite. But first he ravishes her butthole.

Cory Chase in Super Gurl vs General Zod


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Scene One: Kneel before Zod

Fire at the Metropolis museum! Kara pulls open her shirt to reveal that she’s actually Super Gurl as she spins around and changes into her uniform. “Now time to save the museum!” She yells flying into the sky. Super Gurl does not know General Zod was the Master Mind of all this…

Hours later the fire’s been extinguished and Super Gurl flies home exhausted. Taking off her boots her super hearing detects someone hiding in her bedroom. “I know you’re there General Zod come out” She yells ready to face him in battle.

Zod has been working on this plan for months. He’s used the remains of his ship’s technology to become immune to kryptonite. “Kneel before Zod” He commands Super Gurl bringing her hot body to the floor. Kryptonite in hand he tells her that as the only remaining female kryptonian he will impregnate her and continue their race.

Super Gurl pleads in horror as Zod throws her weakened body to the bed and pulls down her red panties. He shoves them into her pleading mouth and gropes her body, fingering her tight pussy. She can’t stop him from doing what ever he wants to her, he’s just too strong. He makes her taste her own pussy before forcing his cock into her mouth.

Now for phase two of his plan. Using yellow kryptonite he controls her mind and makes her obey his every wish. Her body weak and her mind in a yellow haze he convinces her that she’s just a slut who wants his hard cock. “Fuck your filthy super whore” She begs him spreading her legs and letting Zod fuck her hard.

Scene Two: Spread before Zod

Zod has Super Gurl right where he wants her. With his cock wet and hard he takes the opportunity to fuck her tight virgin ass hole. She moans in forbidden pleasure, the yellow kryptonite making her so slutty. “It feels so good General Zod, spread that super ass, make me your whore” She begs him.

He makes her suck his dirty cock and love tasting her own ass. So horny now, Super Gurl gets on top of him and rides his cock in her tight hole. She’s insatiable. After years of controlling herself with her much weaker boyfriends she finally lets loose her inner slut. On the floor she sucks Zod so hard that he can’t help but cum all over her beautiful face. “Get on the bed and spread yourself” He commands. He leaves Super Gurl on the edge of orgasm, begging him to cum inside her, cum covering her face.

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