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CoryChase_SuperGurlvsMuscleMan_GIF Sale!

The Punisher has hacked into the Justice League Network. He now needs a password from the founding member. He Hires mercenary Muscle Man to take on Super Gurl…

Cory Chase in Super Gurl vs Muscle Man

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Product Description

Scene One: Recruiting Muscle Man

Punisher has hacked into the Justice League network. All he needs now is a password from a founding member and he knows just the girl to give it up. He hires the mercenary Muscle Man to take on Super Gurl and make her talk. Muscle Man has always wanted to fight Super Gurl and wastes no time in beating and humiliating her. She’s just not strong enough to fight him. She’s knocked out after a brutal fight and stripped naked…

She wakes exposed and tied up with kryptonite rope. Super Gurl knows she can’t beat Muscle Man, he’s just too strong, but there are other ways to win a fight. She presses her naked body against him and talks softly to him, saying she will give him the code if he gives her something first. Her hot body makes him untie her and lay down for the best handjob of his life. Super Gurl’s strong soft hands, wet mouth and super fast stroking make him completely under her control.

Scene Two: Releasing the code

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Super Gurl asks. She gets on top of him and fucks him, moaning as his hard cock drills into her. Her tight muscular body bounces up and down giving him the best fuck he’s ever had. She feels his cock quiver inside of her and turns around, jerking his cum out, and milking him like a volcano.

“Now I can smother you with my pussy” Super Gurl says. Before Muscle man can stop her she chokes off his air supply with her pussy. Weakened he passes out. Now all Super Gurl has to do is wait for Punisher.

Punisher walks in to find Muscle Man defeated and tied up. “Oh no, Super Gurl” He yells as she uses her heat vision against him. She ties him up to watch as she crushes Muscle Man’s nuts and ends this threat once and for all. “I’ll be back for you” Super Gurl threatens.