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daisy lynne bat gurl cory chase super gurl

Super Gurl and Bat Gurl are both captured ravaged by General Zod. Bat Gurl is unmasked and forced to watch her friend anally destroyed by Zod.

Daisy Lynne in Bat Gurl is Captured and Ravaged


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Product Description

Scene One: Super Gurl and Bat Gurl Violation

With a ball gag in her mouth and kryptonite rope around her hands Super Gurl can’t stop General Zod from having his way with her. When her best friend Bat Gurl is brought into the room it makes Super Gurl scream in frustration. “Why are you doing this? Stop!” Bat Gurl begs as her only friend is stripped and forced to suck cock. Super Gurl’s strong body is fucked and all Bat Gurl can do is watch helplessly. Zod fucks Super Gurl’s tight ass and makes her taste her shame as she is captured ravaged.

Now for something really special. He forces red kryptonite down the weakened Super Gurl’s throat and mesmerizes her, turning her into a willing sex slave. It’s Super Gurl that then strips her friend and licks her sweet virgin pussy making Bat Gurl scream to fight Zod’s control. The ultimate humiliation, making Super Gurl hold her friend down while he fucks her and makes her suck his cock. He uses them both as sex toys until his cock is ready to explode. He shames Bat Gurl with a super load all over her disgusted face. “Let General Zod feed you” Super Gurl moans as the perfect pet.

Scene Two: Bat Gurl For payment

“I’m going to make you one of my mindless sluts” Zod tells Bat Gurl. She’s nothing to him but a part of Super Gurl’s humiliation. Now he will give her to one of his followers to do with as he pleases. “Yes master” Bat Gurl says, under Zod’s control.

The once noble and powerful Bat Gurl now sucks cock just like a little slut. Her tongue tracing up and down the man’s cock. He makes her strip and expose herself to him, no longer a super hero but just another girl with her legs spread for a man’s cock. She moans and cums as his hips slap against her ass. “Yes master fill me!” She screams taking her second load of the day. A life time of fucking sucking and cum awaits her from now on.

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