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daisy lynne in Broken Daughter Sale!

Daddy is horny and he wants some from Daisy. She is reluctant and refuses his advances, Dad takes off his belt in hopes of fixing his broken daughter.

Daisy Lynne in Broken Daughter

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Product Description

Scene One: Teaching Lessons

On the couch watching “must see TV”, Daisy is dressed in a conservative bathrobe. The Father (jeans, wife beater shirt, southern accent) says to her, “Now sweetheart, you know Daddy loves you don’t you?” She nods. He says “And you love your Daddy don’t you?” She nods. He says, “Well, you need to start helping your Daddy out.” “Now you just slip out of that there nightgown and let your Daddy look at pretty you are.” She shakes her head sacredly . He says, “Well, I was afraid of that. You’re going to need a lesson in doing what you’re told around here.” He pulls off his belt, she cries out, “Daddy, no please!” and puts her hands out in front of her, palms out to protect herself. He says, matter of factually, “Now take you your clothes off.” She undresses and stands there one hand over her pubic region and one arm wrapped around her breasts, crying and shaking. Father tells her to lower her hands/arms and let him look at her. She stands there crying and cringing for a moment or two until the Father then moves close to her and tells her to put out her hands, unzip his jeans, pull out his pecker and give him a blowjob. He closes his eyes; tilts his head back, and moans and says things like, “That’s it, that’s it baby. That’s how Daddy likes it.” etc., until he cums.

Scene Two: You Have Been a Good Girl

Daisy is sitting at the dinner table. She is looking down, very serious, hands clasped on the table. The Father walks in and stands right next to her, arm around her shoulders, stroking  her hair. he says, “You’ve been a real good girl lately sweetie. I’m real proud of you taking care of Daddy the way you do.” Lightly with his fingertips he guides her face towards him and kisses her on the lips. She doesn’t respond and after he kisses her she again starts looking down. He halfway climbs on top of her; kissing her, fondling her shoulders and then her breasts. After a minute or two of this he gets off of her and guides her to laying down. He says, “We’re going to do something extra extra special today. It’s going to hurt at first, but then it’s going to feel real good and it’s going to make Daddy feel real good.” As she lies down unresponding with her eyes closed, he undresses her and then himself. he says, “Open your eyes honey and look at your Daddy.” She opens her eyes but does not look at him directly just straight up. He stand there for a moment playing with himself while staring down at her. He gets on top of her and after some considerable difficulty enters her. She cries out in pain but still stares straight up while he screws her. Father fucks her real slow as she is still really tight until he cums with a grunt.

Scene Three: Not My Sister Too

Daisy is on the phone with her sister Vanessa. Daisy is telling Vanessa that she’s knows what their Father has been doing with her. Vanessa bursts into tears and tells Daisy that she didn’t want to do it but their Father was making her. They are going to the police. The are both startled when their Father (unbeknownst to them was standing at the door listening the whole time) snarls at them that they are going nowhere. The Father rips away the phone and forces Vanessa to listen while he now has sex with Daisy!

He rages, “You two little bitches! Going to tell the police on your own Father.” Daisy cries out, “Oh God Daddy stop, please stop.” He then has Daisy lay on the couch, arms  stretched over head while he undresses her. He undresses, says to Daisy, “Going to stop me from doing what I want with your sister? Well how about me giving you some of what she’s been getting.” He gets on top of Daisy and screws her very violently, really slamming in and out of her until he cums and creampies her.

Scene Four: I Won’t Talk Daddy

Daisy promised not to talk but I did not believe her. Early the next morning, I walk into her room and gaze over her. I pull back the sheets and rub her luscious ass, then move onto her perky Tits. She wakes up and pulls back the sheet. Again, she promises not to talk to anyone. To ensure she never forgets, I fuck the fear into her. She blows me, I fuck her from the front and back and then drop a truth load into her mouth.

She is to never speak of this again…

Scene Five: Mom is Next

Mom is alone reading a book when she hears some noise from the hallway. Dad and Daughter are fighting and come into the bedroom. Dad tosses Daisy onto the bed. Mom and Daughter immediately huge in fear. Dad demands they strip and uses his belt to encourage them.

Mom and Daughter strip out of their clothes and Dad demands Daisy hold her Mom down. Crying, they ask why he is doing this. Vanessa and Daisy had threatened to call the police for what Dad has been doing and he will not let that happen. He fucks Mom with extreme anger and forces Daisy and Mom to kiss and suck each other.

Dad pulls his cock out of Mom and demands Daisy to suck his cock. After his cock is good and clean, he places the cock back into Mom. This is repeated many times till Dad is about to cum. He lines Mom and Daughter head to head and cums into their mouths…

Mom and Daisy must never speak of this again and they both agree…

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