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Daisy Lynne in Family Obligations Sale!

Daisy Lynne is sleeping in her room when Daddy enters, stares at her for a moment, removes her clothes, covers her mouth and performs her family obligations.

Daisy Lynne in Family Obligations

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Product Description

Scene One: Daddy Came Into My Room

Dad enters the darkened bedroom, naked except for his bottoms. Daughter is asleep under the covers, wearing only panties and a pajama top. Dad stands beside the bed, takes his shorts off and stand there looking at her masturbating. He pulls the covers off with one hand while still masturbating. He stares at her for a moment, slides her on her back, lifts up her top and exposes her breasts. He then slips off her panties and starts getting on top of her. Her eyes suddenly pop open, he jumps on top of her and clamps his hands over her mouth and starts screwing her. She kicks, tries to push him off, and screams into his hand. He screws her until he comes, gets off of her and leaves her balled up crying. She has finally begun to perform her Family Obligations.

Scene Two: Late for School

The next morning, Daisy is drinking some Orange Juice waiting for Mom to take her to school. Dad walks in and rubs her shoulders. She looks away. He strokes her back while telling how wonderful last night was. He lifts her up from the kitchen table. He keeps stroking her all over and trying to kiss her while she keeps turning her face away. He starts telling her he loves her, she’s beautiful, etc. He tells her to turn around and bend over the table. She begins to cry and say things like'”Please Daddy…” etc.. He, through force of will make her comply. When she does, he pulls off her clothes. Again she begs and again she  after he keeps whispering for her to comply. He gets behind her and has sex with her while she sobs. After he comes and walks out the room, she is left behind crying.

Scene Three: Ultimate Threesome

Daisy is alone in her bedroom doing homework when Mom walks in. Mom notices something is bothering Daisy and asks Daughter what is wrong. Daisy is hesitant at first but then opens up on what Dad has been doing to her. Mom does not believe her and demands Daisy demonstrate what Dad has done to her.

Daughter does not want to do this but Mom is forceful. Daisy begins to show Mom everything and at the same time stripping. Mom goes down on the naked daughter and Daisy let’s out a big “EWE!” Daisy had no idea Mom was a pervert too and continues to eat out her daughter. Mom then moves to Daisy’s arms and pins Daughter down. Mom then calls for Dad who was waiting outside the door. Mom says Daughter is wet and ready and Dad begins to fuck Daisy.

Mom and Dad have the Ultimate Threesome and Mom sucks Dad’s cock after fucking Daughter. Dad then finishes in Daisy’s mouth and Mom helps clean up the cum. A new relationship has begin even if Daisy is not ready for it…

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