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daisy lynne cory chase in Power Woman is brain drained

Power Woman is sent to rescues Bat Gurl. The trap is set, Power Woman is drained of all her thoughts and powers and Bat Gurl transforms into Power Woman!

Daisy Lynne in Power Woman is Drained


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Product Description

Controlled and brain drained Bat Gurl is sitting on the couch gazing into nothingness. Not a single thought running through her empty head, when Power Woman smashes into her house. “Where’s Super Gurl?” she asks. She’s been searching for her for days and can’t find any trace of her.

Bat Gurl does as instructed by her mistress and shoots Power Woman with a ray, paralyzing her and slowly draining her mind. “I’m going to take your powers away” Bat Gurl says in monotone horror. “We’re going to have a lot of fun”

Slowly Bat Gurl drains her of all her thoughts. Pulling up her shirt and making her weak and helpless as she gropes her big tits. Power Woman’s trapped like a puppet, her brain turning into mush and obeying the commands of Bat Gurl. Soon she’s completely naked, her powers transferred to Bat Gurl, laying on the couch gazing into nothingness as Bat Gurl flies away….

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