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Daisy lynne in Rookie Patrol Sale!

Before making Sgt, Rookie on Patrol Cory Chase was sent into an abandoned building to find a suspected bank robber, she was never the same again.

Daisy Lynne in Rookie Patrol

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Product Description

Scene One: No Backup

Sgt Chase was recently promoted to SWAT. He squad is sent into an abandoned warehouse to find a suspected bank robbing mastermind. Sgt. Chase did not wait for back up and went in solo. As she searches the empty room she feels a slap on her neck. She falls to the floor and quickly goes to sleep. The Mastermind drags her away to the bed. Just a Rookie Patrol.

Sgt. Chase wakes up to find herself completely nude only wearing her protective vest and tied to the bed. He ravishes he while she throws idle threats at him. He does not care and continues to fuck to tied Hottie! He unloads a most impressive amount of seed onto her face and leaves her. The twist is, Sgt. Chase has been tied to the bed for over a day and back up never came. She went to the wrong house to begin with…

Scene Two: Memories of Action

Several years later… Two policewomen are driving their car down the street, Sgt. Chase pulls over and looks at a shady warehouse. She has flashbacks of something horrible that previously happened but she cannot remember what… Rookie Daisy asks if everything is okay and the Sarge says there is something fishy about this place…

They leave the Police Car and slip around the back and peek into a back window. Weapons out, they enter the building…On the table several suspicious looking bags are found white powder wrapped in clear plastic out in the open.. The Rookie gets excited and asks what the bag is. Cory has her Rookie test the substance and it’s confirmed, plus it’s in the Rookies system now!

A man with a large weapon sneaks up on you two and says for you to “Freeze!”  The Officers are disarmed and forced to strip each other. The man demands they strip, they refuse. He says, “Strip bitches or I will waste you!” They strip very slowly and hesitantly and start to cry. Sgt. Chase tells Daisy to “Stay strong” but he tells you to shut up. After they are completely nude he tells them both to kneel and handcuffs them both.

He has Daisy lay on her back and tells her to spread her legs when she hesitates, He shouts, “Spread ’em bitch.” and then “Wider, bitch. He then has both Cops eat each other out to his amusement!

Scene Three: Girls in Blue

He then takes turns fucking each cop, from behind and from the front. He also has the girls go pussy to mouth while they switch positions. The cops must also suck each other’s tits while he fucks them hard and brutal! Cory tries to reassure the Rookie Daisy, things will be okay and to be tough and brave…

Scene Four: Fatal Execution

Fucking each one in turn, he enjoys making them do the most humiliating things to each other. Sucking his dirty cock, making them lick their freshly fucked pussies, and violating them from head to toe. “You’ll never get away with this!” Chase yells as she’s fucked like a dirty hooker. Lynne is fucked so hard she even cums against her will. With her tight little pussy tightening on his cock he cums all over Officer Lynne’s terrified face. But that’s not enough for him, “No no!” Chase screams, as she kisses her partners cum covered mouth. “Filthy fucking bastard!”

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