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daisy lynne dustin steele Sister wrestler

Daisy Lynne lost her phone and asks her brother for help. He says it’s under the couch. The pervert Brother finishes in his younger Sister’s ass and things will never be the same at home!

Daisy Lynne in Younger Sister the Wrestler


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Scene One: Have You Seen My Phone

Brother is sitting alone watching TV when his sister walks in. Daisy cannot find her phone. She asks Dustin if he has seen the phone. Upset for the interruption, he points under the couch and says look over there. Daisy moves to the edge of the couch and puts her ass up in the air. She bends over more and more with her ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts. Brother catches attention of her ass and begins to look over.

Daisy cannot see the phone and asks brother to come over and help look. Brother comes over and gets behind her and pushes her forward to reach further under the couch. He grinds sisters ass and she reaches under the couch.

Brother grinds and grinds till he “accidentally” finishes in his sisters ass. Daisy is disgusted and tells him to get off of her. She walks away with her phone and a wet bottom…

Scene Two: Sister’s hot legs

Daisy can’t get the thought of her brother humping her ass out of her head. So she decides to tease him a bit. It’s only fair after what he did. She takes off her shorts and stretches her legs over the couch. In her cute see through panties she puts lotion on her legs and watches TV.

As Daisy watches MMA he watches her perfect young pussy. “You’re a wannabe MMA fighter?” He asks her. Daisy gets up and shows him what she can really do. Putting her brother in hold after hold she chokes him and forces his head deep between her hot legs. In a fit of rage he fights back and the two of them roll around the couches together, angry and getting turned on by the close contact.

Scene Three: Let’s do it naked!

“This would be so much more fun if we were naked, you know humiliation” Daisy suggests. Out of breath they both strip and wrestle again. Their naked bodies slapping against each other as they tumble to the couch.

He can’t stop himself from shoving his hard cock inside of her when he gets the upper hand. Daisy giggles and chokes him as he thrusts into her warm pussy. She teases him and puts him in a inescapable hold before jumping into his arms and fucking him in the air. With a grunt of final satisfaction he cums into her sweaty hot body. “Holy fuck, you totally just fucked me” Daisy smiles at her big brother. “From now on this dick is mine” she threatens him.

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