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daisy stone cory chase Sale!

Daisy Stone’s parents have the perfect plan! What do you do if you want your daughter but she doesn’t want it back, sleep therapy?

Daisy Stone in There is Something About Daisy – Sleep Therapy

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Product Description

Scene One: Tucked in by dad

Daisy Stone is on the couch playing video games. She doesn’t hear her dad as he creeps close to her. “Dad what are you doing” She asks as he puts a rag over her face and tells her to be quiet. Ever growing fear takes hold of her and she breaths deep. Soon her eyes close and she’s knocked out and begins her sleep therapy

Dad now has his hot daughter all to himself. He carefully strips off her clothes and plays with her young body. Any time she wakes up he puts her right back down with a strong grip over her mouth. He lifts her up and re-positions her, making her touch him and touch herself. He has weeks to play with her and this is just the first step. Leaving her to wake naked and confused.

Scene Two: Mom spiced the chips

After she wakes Daisy goes to her mom to try to explain her strange dream and ask why she passed out. “Did you eat anything yesterday?” Cory asks her daughter. Daisy must have just been so hungry she passed out. “You’re right mom” Daisy says. Cory gives her something special to eat to power up.

“This is making me feel sleepy again” Daisy says. Before long she’s passed out on the counter. With a smile Cory hops over to her daughter and strips her naked. For so long she’s wanted to play with her tight young body. Now that she’s helpless Cory can do whatever she wants to her.

Scene Three: Dad Axed me

The next day Daisy comes home and the house is empty. “Mom, dad?” She calls. Just as she turns around to go to her room her dad appears and bangs her on the head. She falls with a crash onto the couch, completely out of it.

Time to take this to the next level. Dad strips his daughter of her slutty panties and spreads her legs wide. Her tiny tits bounce as he violates her knocked out body. It’s so hot that it doesn’t take him long to cum inside of her and leave her to wake with a wet pussy.

Scene Four: Karate chop

“I’m going to go lay down” Daisy says completely confused. Her head is pounding but she doesn’t know why. As she enters her room, mom is waiting for her. With a powerful blow Cory takes her daughter out.

Lifting her prone body, Cory strips her cute daughter’s clothes and gropes her as only a mother can. With some rope she ties Daisy’s hands and gives herself unrestricted access. Touching her sweet pussy and playing with her body, Cory leaves her tied up for later. This is going to be a fun night!