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Dava Foxx Cory Chase The_Beginning_With_Mom Sale!

Mom is bored with Dad and his ways, she needs something new. She comes into my room after late night party with only one thing on her mind, Sex!!! …and my cock is on the menu for my Hot Mom!

Dava Foxx in The Beginning with Mom

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Product Description

Scene One: After the Party, with my Mom Dava Foxx

Mommy, Dava Foxx,  just got home from a party with my dad, and he got SO that he ! Mom came straight to my bedroom with her party shoes in her hand and wine in the other hand, and she starts to tell me how she is so horny! She continues to tell me that she met this really hot MILF at the party who had big, fake tits like my mom does… and when my dad , she started making out with this MILF! I’m not sure why my mom is telling me this, but it’s really starting to turn me on. Mom is wearing a little black dress and now she is spreading her legs right in front of me! She starts to rub her pussy, and I tell her to cover herself up but she is just getting more and more turned on.

She starts to rub my cock over my pants, and then she pulls her tits out from underneath her dress. “If I touch them, will you leave?” I ask her. I grab her tits, but she still won’t leave! She pulls her pussy out and I see that she has a dark bush… She keeps instigating and she just won’t stop! My cock is getting hard even though I know that it shouldn’t be… She pulls my cock out and tells me that she just wants to suck it for a little bit, so I let her. Mommy keeps sucking my cock and jerking it at the same time… she only stops for a moment to pull her dress and her panties off, but then she goes back to sucking me off. She eventually gets me to cum deep in her mouth and she swallows it all…

Scene Two: Morning Wood

I wake up one morning to find mommy in between my legs, already sucking my cock! She starts to tell me that my dad is at work today and he will be gone for a couple of hours, so she wants to suck my cock and even put my cock inside of her pussy… I know that I shouldn’t be turned on, but I can’t help it!! She sucks my cock until she gets so turned on that she just HAS to stick my cock inside of her! She jumps on top of me and starts to ride my cock. “Mommy is just so horny all the time! Do you like watching mommy fuck you?” she moans. Her pussy is so tight and it feels so good wrapped around my cock. We switch positions and I climb on top of my mom and I start fucking her…

“Oh honey, you’re getting so good at this now!” she tells me. I start to fuck her from behind next and I love watching her pussy stretch around my cock. I fuck her harder and harder until I explode deep inside of her pussy. Dad is going to be at work for a few more hours so I might have to do round 2 soon… Mommy lays back on my bed and starts rubbing her clit and I just enjoy watching her… but now I want some breakfast!! Fucking mommy has built up an appetite inside of me…

Scene Three: Coffee Creamer

Mommy is leaning against the kitchen table; she is naked with a silky pink bathrobe over her tan body. I walk over to her and she tells me how my dad is working over-time today at work… “Do you want to fuck me bent over the table? Mommy needs a little cream for her coffee!!” she tells me. She asks me if she can suck my cock again, and of course I tell her “yes!” She gets down on her knees and puts my cock in her mouth… I ask her if she spoke to her MILF friend from the party the other night… The hot blonde with the big, fake tits! I tell her that I really want to meet her friend one day soon, and she says that she can arrange that. “Do you like when mommy sucks your cock?” she asks me…

“I like it when I stick it inside of you too!” I tell her. Mommy leans against the kitchen table and I start to fuck her nice and hard. I love every second of it! “That’s a good boy!” she keeps moaning. All of a sudden, we start to hear the lawn guys mowing our lawn so mommy and I quickly run in to my sisters bedroom to finish. She sucks my cock to get me hard again, before I stick my cock back inside of her tight pussy. I keep fucking her pussy hard until I creampie her! My cum starts to slowly drip out of her pussy and it looks so hot… “Do you think this is enough cream for my coffee?” she asks me… I think it’s even better than regular creamer!!

Scene Four: Two is Better Than One

Mom has finally convinced her new friend to come over, and the two of them can’t keep their hands off of each other! “I’m so glad that we’re finally getting a chance to do this!” Cory starts to tell my mom. Mom ends up confessing to her how she’s secretly been fucking me, her son, for a few days now… Her friend, Cory, seems to get turned on by this, so I come up behind her and start to stick my cock inside of Cory’s pussy! She is surprised at first, but my mom quickly tells her “this is my baby!” Cory is definitely turned on, so I keep fucking her as she starts to lick my mom’s nipples and rub her clit at the same time.

“Do you like fucking my son?” mom asks Cory, and she says that she loves it! Both my mom and her friend Cory start to suck my cock at the same time, until Cory tells my mom that she wants to watch and see how I fuck my mom… so that’s exactly what I do next! Cory pulls my cock out of my mom and she starts to suck my cock, to taste my mom’s pussy on it… I am so incredibly turned on by this! I keep fucking my mom until I get close to cumming and then I pull out and cum directly in my mom’s mouth! She starts to make out with Cory right after and the two of them enjoy sharing my cum… I hope I get to do this again soon!

***Authentic Creampie***

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