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Rookie Cop Dava Foxx, on her first day on the job, responds to a domestic violence call. She pulls up and immediately begins to take fire. Will she survive?

Dava Foxx in a Police Woman’s Hell

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Product Description

Scene One: Captured

Rookie Patrol Woman Dava Foxx, on her first day on the job, responds to a domestic violence call. She pulls up and immediately begins to take fire. Not knowing what to do she grabs the radio and begs her Sergeant for back up. Sgt. Chase yells back, “You are the Back up!”…

We then see the Policewoman walking into the living room from another room. She is walking very gingerly, like she is walking on egg shells. Her eyes are wide open and terrified, her hands are on top of her head. The criminal is standing right behind her pointing at the back of her head. She walks into the living room and is forced to kneel while keeping her hands on the top of her head. The Criminal smiles at her and says, “Got a little too nosy didn’t you you cop bitch? Well you’re going to pay for that.” He pulls out his pecker and says, “Suck it, suck it you pig bitch!” She shakes her head. He puts his cock right between her eyes and says, “You are not only going to suck me bitch, you are going to swallow every drop of it and the next time you say no to me. I’m blowing your fucking head off! Got it bitch?” She starts crying and gives him head, he talks dirty, calls her names, threatens her etc. while she gives him head. He creampies her. Afterwards he knocks her out with the butt of the weapon.

Scene Two: Destroyed

Officer Foxx groggily comes to.  The Criminal pulls her to her feet saying something like, “Get up you bitch. I’m not even close to being finished with you.” He forces her to assume “the position” against the wall like she was a criminal being searched. He spends several minutes fondling her; playing with her boobs, squeezing between her legs from behind. That kind of things. She starts crying of course. Finally he has her take off her uniform and drop her pants and panties. He tells her to beg him to fuck her. He tells her to say, “Fuck me. Fuck me like the whore I am.” She does while crying a lot. He has sex with Dava Foxx from behind until he cums in her pussy.

Scene Three: The End

Set a few minutes later… The Policewoman is slumped on the floor. The Criminal makes her crawl into the kitchen on her hands and knees. He makes her get on the kitchen table face up with her legs hanging down. He has sex with her in three positions; face up with legs hanging down, legs straight up and over his shoulders, and her bent over the table. During this he calls her names and makes beg for more, to call her names, and thank him. He cums in her mouth while she is on her knees.

Scene Four: I know where you live

After switching departments Dava is finally safe. Never again will she be asked to go in alone without her team behind her. After a long day at work she comes home finally satisfied about her job. She gets a call “I know where you live” The voice says. Dava Foxx goes cold with fear. She quickly looks out her window. As she watches the outside a hand comes behind her and grabs her, throwing her to the bed.

She screams as her radio is thrown away and her vest pulled off. She’s helpless and powerless to stop him. “You’re not going to get away with this” She yells. He shuts her up by ramming his cock into her mouth. She yells at him and pleads with him but nothing she says or does is going to stop his hard dick from fucking her silly. “You’re so gross” She cries as she’s forced to get on top of him and fuck him. Her body convulses as she cums against her will and a small part of her actually likes it. He shoots his disgusting load into her un-wanting mouth making her taste and swallow her shame. When will this nightmare end for Dava Foxx?

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