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eveline stone limp and lifted Sale!

Evelin has not been getting along with her parents. Now that she wants to go to a concert she’s going to have to pay more, limp and lifted.

Evelin Stone in Limp and Lifted

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Product Description

Scene One: Step Mom Blackmail

Evelin is on the the phone with her friend Daisy talking about going to a concert. Her Stepmom Cory walks in and starts up a conversation. Evelin ends the phone call and Mom brings up what she found in Evelin’s drawer…A bag of stimulants…Time to get lifted!

Mom says either do everything I say or I am telling your father what I found. Cory then pulls out a rag and puts Evelin into a slumber. As she is out, Cory removes Evelin’s clothes. Next comes touching and sensual kissing and some scissoring. Evelin wakes up a couple times but Mom puts her right back out.

In the end, both Mom and Evelin are nude. Evelin wakes up and Mom brings up the poor grades on Evelin’s report card. If Evelin stays quiet about what just happened. Evelin agrees and quickly leaves for the concert leaving Mom with a large smile on her face.

Scene Two: Punishment for poor grades

Early in the morning Evelin sneaks into her room after being out all last night at a concert. Dad confronts her and questions how she was able to go to a concert when she’s failing all her classes. Time for dad to punish his lying daughter. “Dad what are you doing?” Evelin asks in confusion.

He places his strong hands over her mouth and holds a rag tight against it. Evelin breaths deep in panic and feels light headed. Falling into her dads arms she’s completely helpless. He takes off her clothes and exposes her tight little body. Lifting her up like she was nothing and placing her to feel everywhere. She’s at his mercy, his slutty little girl, limp and lifted.

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