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evelin stone cory chase venus fly trap Sale!

Evelin visited the wrong pool today. A beautiful stranger offers to take Evelin underwater and quickly catches her in the Venus Fly Trap

Evelin Stone in Venus Fly Trap

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Product Description

Scene One: Topside

The last time Evelin went for a swim in her friend Cory’s pool something strange happened. She got really turned on for some reason. The cold water, on a hot day, sliding over her tight little body just did it for her. Now with no one around she takes a vibrator and rubs it against her pussy. She finds a regulator just laying out and sticks it in her mouth as she rubs herself. Sucking the air as hard as she can she gets so close to cumming like it’s her first time. Evelin does not know she is already caught in Cory’s Venus Fly Trap.

It’s at that moment that Cory finds her. “Hey, I’m just you know…” Evelin tries to explain, embarrassed. “You don’t have to get dressed for me” Cory tells her with a smile, kissing her. Cory wants to show her exactly what the regulator can do, so she puts a weight belt on the little Evelin and they dive into the cold blue pool.

Scene Two: Scuba Tryouts

Under the water Evelin can do anything. It’s so hot and naughty doing things with the risk of not being able to breathe. Cory helps her get the orgasm she’s been looking for. She teases Evelin’s sensitive pussy until Evelin feels like she’s going to explode.

Scene Three: Stuck

Cory makes her hold onto a weight to keep her low in the water. She vibrates Evelin, working the machine into her clit and making her moan. The build up is so great that when she cums she loses all sense of herself and where she is. Evelin breathes out and in a big gulp of water while she cums. Cory taunts her with the regulator as she swims away, leaving Evelin floating lifelessly at the bottom.

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