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IvyRoseInShamelessDaughter_Gif Sale!

What do you do when your daughter Ivy Rose wont get off the phone? Show her just how little power in this household she really has.

Ivy Rose in Shameless Daughter

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Clip Length: 21 minutes Clip Resolution: 1920x1080 Clip Format: MP4 Featuring: , , Category: Tags: , , , ,

Product Description

Scene One: I got it from mama

“Don’t you have a paper due?” Cory asks her daughter. Ivy ignores her and keeps texting on her phone. In anger Cory grabs the phone away from her. “You can’t do that! What’s wrong with you!” Ivy screams at her in rage. Cory backs off, giving her the phone back. Ivy thinks she’s won until her mother grabs her from behind and puts a rag over her face.

Cory whispers quietly to her until Ivy passes out. She pulls her limp body up onto the table. God what a slut her daughter has become. Cory strips off Ivy’s clothes and looks at her hot young body. Taking Ivy’s hand she makes her touch herself and gets wet at the sight. She slides the limp hand to her pussy and rubs herself. Fast and hard she cums on her daughter’s fingers and gives them a little lick. After getting what she wants from Ivy, Cory leaves her naked and exposed.

Scene Two: Daddy’s got my back

Later that day, dad walks in to find his daughter naked andon the counter. Not to let a good opportunity go to waste he touches her body. He always wanted to know what her pussy felt like and how soft her big tits are. As he gropes her, he gets a text from his wife and understands what happened.

An idea pops into his head. If this is her punishment then he should help punish her. Picking up her limp body he carries her out of the kitchen for some father daughter time…