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ivy rose in will go limp for work Sale!

Ivy Rose needs money and is willing to do anything. She will even go limp for work, luckily Mom and Dad have a Limp Fetish.

Ivy Rose in Will Go Limp For Work

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Product Description

Scene One: Daddy is first

“It’s just not adding up and I really need some money” Ivy tells her mom. Even with a job she just can’t make ends meet. Cory’s mom doesn’t want to talk about this but she saw a ad for a part time job where men will pay money to knock out and fondle limp women. “What did you just say?” Ivy says in disbelief but will go limp for work!

Cory calls in her husband and explains that Ivy wants to try it out. “Are you sure about this?” Cory asks her hesitant daughter. With Ivy looking the other way, dad puts a rag over her face and holds her as she falls into his arms.

With Cory in the room dad pulls up his daughters tight shirt and gropes her large breasts. He’s always wanted to feel them in his hands. He pulls down her pants and exposes her shaved pussy. Her soft body in his hands turns him on and gives him the dirtiest thoughts. He stops himself before he does something he will regret and carries her into her bedroom to sleep it off.

Scene Two: Mommy loves seconds

With dad taking a cold shower Cory checks in on Ivy. “What’s going on” Ivy says slowly waking. Cory wants a little action for herself and as her daughter looks at her Cory holds a rag against Ivy’s confused face.

Cory can’t help herself. She’s wanted her daughter for longer than she could ever imagine. Licking and sucking on Ivy’s big tits and touching her squeezable ass. Every time Ivy tries to open her eyes she makes her close them again. Cory takes off her clothes and runs her daughter’s hands all over her aching body. “That’s my good girl” Cory whispers to her.

She calls her husband in and they use her body for their pleasure. Grinding against her and getting themselves off. There was never an ad in the paper, Cory and her husband just wanted their daughter to fuck with. Now that they have her they will keep her as their little rag slut forever.