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Kendra-Heart-in-No-Mercy_Gif Sale!

Kendra doesn’t believe in magic but magic believes in her. An underwater adventure of self pleasure and terror. She Slips under for the last time.

Kendra Heart in No Mercy

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Product Description

Scene One: Down by the pool side

Dressed in her bikini, Kendra goes out to relax by the pool. It’s such a nice day and the feeling of the water lapping against her toes turns her on. She pulls her suit to the side and touches herself. God it feels so much better than normal. She can’t stop herself.

“I wish I had a toy” she moans. Her wish is answered. A vibrator appears in her hand. So turned on she doesn’t question it but places it on her pussy. As she masturbates she looks into the water, sees a respirator and is compelled to breath into it. She strips her clothes and slips into the water hornier than ever before in her life.

But what she forgets is that all answered wishes have a price…

Scene Two: Slipping under

There, immersed in water, she masturbates. She’s never felt like this before. Something’s come over her and she vibrates herself furiously. She feels the water all over her body and it’s as if a thousand hands are touching her.

The feeling of being clean and dirty at the same time, of being just a sex starved girl in the pool makes her cum again and again. She thrashes with lust, pushing the vibrator inside of her and fucking herself with it. She just can’t stop. Down at the bottom she loses herself completely.

Scene Three: Chained struggles

She wakes almost as if from a dream with a chain wrapped around her hands. How did they get there, why is she at the bottom of the pool? Slowly her memories come back to her. The lust she once felt is gone, replaced by terror and unending fear.

The only tool she has is her vibrator. She will have to let it go if she’s going to free herself but she just can’t. Something deep in her makes her hold on to it. She places it deep inside her pussy and gets to work on the chains. It’s just then that she see’s you and tries to flee from her own destruction.

Scene Four: This is not a rescue

A beautiful woman dives into the pool to rescue Kendra. She’s so gorgeous that Kendra can hardly believe she’s looking at a woman at all. An angel has dived in to save her. Kendra pleads for help but this angel is more demon than divine.

She teases and tortures Kendra, taking away her respirator and playing with her naked vulnerable body. The demon licks her new slaves pussy and makes Kendra scream. Keeping her on the bottom of the pool the demon scissors her and uses her for it’s own sick pleasure. At last, when it’s done sucking the soul from Kendra, it finishes the job. Wrapping her hands around the young girls neck, it makes sure to keep her in the pool forever.

Be careful what you wish for and who may give it to you…