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kenzie reeves cory chase training our daughter Sale!

Kenzie Reeves recently broke up with her boyfriend after he tried to talk her into a threesome. She was then forced into a threesome affair with her parents.

Kenzie Reeves in Training Our Daughter

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Product Description

Kenzie recently broke up with her boyfriend after he tried to convince her into a threesome. After a talk with Mom about what happened at the party, Mom was instantly turned on. Kenzie was then forced into a lezbian affair with her mother while Dad watched…

The next night, Mom and Kenzie enter the bedroom dressed in sexy lingerie. Kenzie was not happy to be there. Mom quickly thru Kenzie to the bed and began to have sex with her. After a few minutes, Mom asked Dad to pull his cock out and show his daughter. Kenzie was disgusted but was forced to suck his cock anyway.

A dirty threesome begins with Mom and Daughter sucking Dad off. Dad then fucks Mom in various positions and Kenzie is forced to clean off Dad’s cock after ever position change. In the end, Dad is fucking Mom from behind with Kenzie in the 69 position. Dad pulls his cock out of Mom and unloads a massive cumshot into Kenzie’s mouth.

Mom forces her to swallow and cleans up the extra bits from Kenzie’s face…Daughter will eventually get use to this but needs more training first…

Kenzie just can’t get away from her parents. They have complete power over her life. Her mom strokes her arms softly as she tries to reassure her. “Mom I thought that was a one time thing” Kenzie pleads with her. Cory grabs her by the throat and kisses her. “I’m trying to show you that your really did enjoy yourself with your father”

Cory’s going to show her daughter what a little slut she really is. She strips off Kenzie’s clothes and lays her back on the bed, softly licking her tender young pussy. Kenzie can only plead with her mom as she’s used. Her body reacts and she shutters with a powerful orgasm.

It’s the breaking point for her. All her inhibitions are gone and she fully commits to being her parents little whore. 69ing, scissoring, grinding, she gives herself completely over to her mom until they both cum. They exhaust themselves in an intense mother daughter fuck.

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