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SuperGurl and Punisher discover the location of Lady Deadpool, but will it be Deadpool who gets her revenge or the other way around.

Lady Deadpool the Final Chapter

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Clip Length: 42 minutes Clip Resolution: 1920x1080 Clip Format: MP4 Featuring: , , Category: Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Product Description

Scene One: Punisher sets the trap

Punisher has finally tracked down Lady Deadpool to her lair. When she makes her appearance he shoots first and asks questions later. But Deadpool has been expecting this from Super Gurl’s little boyfriend. She uses a device of her own to freeze Punisher, and with a blown kiss of toxin she renders him helpless on her bed.

Now comes the fun part. To torture and tease him. What’s the fun in not using Punisher when he’s so weak and powerless. She presses his face into her ass and smothers him as she jerks his cock. She loves forcing him to cum in her powerful grip. She makes him shoot his load all over her big tits. With a quip she leaves him drained on her bed.

Scene Two: Super Gurl comes to the rescue

Never send a Punisher to do a Super Gurl’s job. She finds her boyfriend used and humiliated. Looks like she’s going to have to take care of this herself. Super Gurl finds and breaks Lady Deadpool, throwing her down and letting Punisher have his revenge with her body.

Groped and violated, Super Gurl pushes Deadpool down and unzips her red suit. She licks Deadpool’s wet pussy and prepares her for the fucking of a lifetime. Super Gurl uses her super strength to fuck and destroy Deadpool’s regenerating pussy. Grunts of frustration turn to moans of pleasure as Deadpool is given orgasm after orgasm. Deadpool likes getting fucked, and now is ready for whatever revenge Super Gurl wants to give her.

Scene Three: One last menage-a-tois

Lady Deadpool is thrown to Super Gurl’s bed to be fucked by Punisher. His big dick pounds her pussy and she moans in ecstasy. Punisher gets his revenge on her, putting all his humiliation into ramming her slit. “Fuck her good” Super Gurl commands him.

While she’s getting fucked Super Gurl gets her revenge. No one uses her boyfriend like that. She rides on top of Deadpool’s face and makes her lick deep into her super pussy. They fuck and use Deadpool’s body until Punisher cums all over her used pussy. “We should send her to the phantom zone for the next 20 years to remember this fucking” Super Gurl and Punisher agree leaving Deadpool pleading for mercy as they throw Lady Deadpool into the Phantom Zone…

Still deviant, Lady Deadpool screams, “Will this be the last time I get fucked?!?!” as she spins away into the Phantom Zone.