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With a sigh Nikki takes off her robe and slides into bed. Everyone thinks their so safe with the doors locked and the covers pulled up around them. Nikki however is far from safe. Two aliens have teleported into her home They find her and start their experiments on her.

Maria Jade in Tired Daughter – Mommy Dearest


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After a long night of partying and fucking Maria lays on her bed. “I shouldn’t have fucked those two guys” She laughs to herself and passes out. As she lay sleeping her mother walks in to check on her. Cory lays herself next to her daughter and realizes that she’s deeply asleep. “She’s so tuckered out” Cory says to herself. A nasty idea begins to form in her head.

She slides her hands over Maria’s body. She can do anything to her. Cory pulls out her daughter’s breasts and sucks on them. It’s just like she always imagined it would be. She takes off Maria’s clothes and kisses her daughter’s body. Her hand slides into Maria’s warm pussy and she uses her. Cory is so horny that she takes Maria’s hand and rubs herself with it. Cory gives her daughter a kiss and leaves to fuck herself silly.