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The decorated police officers of Sgt. Cory Chase and CPL. Melanie Hicks have the suspects address. What should be an easy arrest turns into a nightmare.

Melanie Hicks in Beat Cops – Dangerous Season

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Product Description

Scene One: I’ve got the donuts

Officers Chase and Hicks are on another one of their adventures. “Wait for my signal and if anything goes wrong the donuts are on me” Chase tells her partner as she goes through the front door. Hicks waits in the back. But as she waits longer and longer she gets worried. “Fuck this I’m going in” She says and bursts in through the back door.

She finds one suspect down and continues to search the house. She finds Chase, half naked and tied up. “What the hell!” Hicks says. As Hicks tries to free her she’s sucked punched. Half dazed Hicks is cuffed and stripped. Her body roughly groped by strong hands as she’s pushed down on a bench and force fed cock. Still recovering from her sucker punch she can’t fight back as the man fucks her vulnerable hot body. She’s used like a whore until the man creams and glazes her violated pussy.

Scene Two: Did you get glazed

Fearing what will happen next, Hicks frees herself. “Chase wake up, Wake up!” she pleads untying her partner and carrying her out of the room. She needs to call for backup. As she reaches for her gun she’s sucker punched by the downed suspect. Her body is carried out of the room, her freedom denied.

Still struggling to wake up Hicks is powerless to stop the second man from his sloppy seconds. Her pussy burns from being fucked again and again by the big cocks. “Get off of me!” She screams in frustration, the suspect taking his time fucking her for his pleasure. He holds her down and makes her lick her partners tits and pussy while fucking her from behind. Hicks moans as a unwanted orgasm builds inside of her and she cums while riding the suspects cock. Looks like the only way she’s getting out of this one is when he shoots his big load of cum all over her protesting face. The suspects leave her used and glazed like a 10 dollar whore and she wakes up her partner to leave the building. Another less than successful adventure of Chase and Hicks.