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Melanie_Hicks_Beat_Cops_The_Other_Guys Sale!

Officer Hicks was beaten and humiliated. Now is the time to bring the bad guys to justice. Or is justice cumming to her?

Melanie Hicks in Beat Cop – The Other Guys

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Product Description

Scene One: Three Thugs

Beat Cop, Officer Melanie Hicks is on the hunt for the bad guys that humiliated her and her partner. While Hicks searches her partner goes missing. Desperately Hicks calls for her on the radio, which stops her from hearing the man sneak up behind her. Putting a rag over her face and telling her to breathe he puts her to sleep and drags her to the kitchen counter.

Groggy, Corporal Hicks can hear the men talk about her big tits as they strip her of her uniform. In her mind she knows something is wrong with that but can’t think straight. With her naked on the table 3 sets of hands grope her hot body. She feels a hard cock split her open and wakes with a start. “What are you doing! Let me go!” she demands of them. They hold her down and use her with their three cocks. While one of them fucks her the other two make her suck and jerk like a police whore. She cries out and begs them but is forced to be their little sex doll.

Scene Two:Three humiliations

Hicks is humiliated and violated by the three men. Never before has she been so fucked. Throwing her to the floor they make her suck and jerk all of them at once. “Choke on it” They say as cocks come at her from all directions.

Once they are all wet and ready to cum they take turns on her pussy fucking her until they are ready to explode. One man puts her to the ground and cums on her face only to put her back on the counter and fuck her again. All three of them destroy her face with their loads as she grunts in anger and frustration. Covered in cum and shame they put her back to sleep and leave her for her backup to find. A true Beat Cop…