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Melanie_Hicks_Cory_Chase_Underwater Sale!

It’s time Melanie paid her debt in full. A horny girl, a simple task, and a trap are all Cory needs to get what she wants. A perfect Melanie orgasm.

Melanie Hicks in the Dept Collector

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Clip Length: 23 minutes Clip Resolution: 1920x1080 Clip Format: MP4 Featuring: , Category: Tags: , , , ,

Product Description

Scene One: Convinced Below

Cory finds her friend Melanie Hicks relaxing in the pool and decides to join her. There’s nothing better than letting the stress of life go. Cory teases her softly touching her and letting Melanie know what she wants and no idea Cory is truly a dept collector.

The girls kiss and it feels so hot and naughty. Something about making out in the water, touching each other in the open turns them on. With soft smiles and hard nipples they play with each other. Sucking and stripping, Melanie is completely lost in Cory’s love. “Can you help me with something?” Cory asks. She wants Melanie to help her remove a large weight that fell into the pool. Without question Melanie goes down. “That’s the last time she will be entering my pool,” Cory laughs to herself.

Scene Two: Unconcerned

What a strange thing to have in your pool, Melanie thinks. There are chains wrapped around the weight, and as she tries to untangle them they snap around her wrists. Are they magnetic? Melanie knows she’s in trouble and desperately looks around for her friend to help her out of this terrifying situation.

Taking her time Cory swims down to see what she’s caught in her trap. Melanie struggles with the chains as Cory feels her big tits and soft body. What’s going on! Melanie’s mind races. Her friend doesn’t help her, only pulls down her panties and sides her fingers into Melanie’s unprotected quivering pussy.

Cory’s fingers fuck her over and over. Banging her pussy as her last gasp of breath runs out. She squirms and struggles but cant stop Cory from doing whatever she wants. The weight won’t budge an inch and Melanie’s desperation comes in choking waves of terror.

When her air is almost gone and her strength is leaving her something strange happens. A white hot flood of orgasm crashes over her from Cory’s pounding fingers in her pussy. The last bubbles of air slide from Melanie’s mouth and Cory leaves the poor used girl locked at the bottom.