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Melanie_Hicks_Underwater_Fetish Sale!

Melanie was just trespassing to cool off. She didn’t think her neighbor would take it so far. She didn’t think that lust and fear could be so similar.

Melanie Hicks in Revenge from the Deep End

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Product Description

Scene One: Two are better than one

Hot and horny, Melanie Hicks sneaks into her neighbors pool to cool off and get off. A tiny pink vibrator rubs against her, making her softly moan. She pulls open her swim suit and touches her big breasts making herself cum so fucking hard.

“What are you doing?” Cory asks her, coming home early and finding a hot intruder at her pool. “You don’t have to stop” Cory whispers and gives her a kiss. Cory takes Melanie’s pink vibrator and gets herself off while her body is worshiped. After cumming Cory comes up with a brilliant plan. One that will leave Melanie’s husband all to herself….

Scene Two: Immersed Love

Cory shows her how to use a breather so that she can cool off and a weight belt to stay under. Completely immersing Melanie’s hot body into the blue waves. They dive down and the games begin. Cory takes the pink vibrator and teases her neighbor into submission.

Worshiping Melanie’s big floating tits, she rubs the vibrator on her sensitive spots. She watches as Melanie is lost completely to the pleasure she is receiving. Melanie is so ready to cum, so ready to let Cory do whatever she wants to her. That state of happy acceptance is just where Cory wants her to enact her revenge!

Scene Three: Deep-Sea Diver

So horny and lust filled, Melanie Hicks doesn’t mind when Cory puts a chain around her hands. She doesn’t mind when she ties that chain to a large weight. But slowly the fear creeps into her mind like a shadow of doubt and she begins to pull and try to free herself.

Cory is going to have so much fun with her! Helpless, Melanie’s clothes are stripped away. Her tiny pink vibrator is used against her. And even though she doesn’t want to cum anymore, Cory makes her have one last powerful orgasm. Cory rips the breather from Melanie’s grip and takes it away. Begging and pleading, Melanie is teased with her only source of air. Cory tortures her again and again until she takes it away for good and seals Melanie’s fate…