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Michele James and Kara Lee in Breaking My Daughters Sale!

Sisters Michele and Kara are broken by their father Luke. They both end up liking this and then turn Mom Cory Chase into their Cuckqueen. Daughter’s are now in charge!

Michele James and Kara Lee in Broken Daughters

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Product Description

Scene One: Michele’s Room

Michele is asleep in bed, when her daddy slowly creeps in to her bedroom in his pajamas. He gently lifts her pink blanket off of her body and starts to grab at her big, natural tits. Michele wakes up and questions her daddy as to what he is doing in her bedroom… He tells her to be quiet, as he jumps on top of her. He lifts her white tank top over her breasts and holds her hands above her head; he licks and sucks on her pierced nipples, as she quietly rolls her eyes. He takes his already hard cock out from under his pajama pants and sticks it in his daughter’s pussy, as she continues to roll her eyes. “Why are you doing this to me?!” she asks him, but he tells her to “shhhh.” He grabs her face and holds it still while he kisses her on the lips. He flips her on to her stomach and starts to fuck her from behind. “Tell me you love it when daddy fucks you!” he tells her… She says it back to him, but it is very obvious that Michele does NOT like when her daddy fucks her at all and he can tell that she’s lying… “I’m going to go fuck your little sister Kara instead! Maybe she will like it when her daddy fucks her!” he tells her… “Maybe next time you’ll like it…” he says, as she leaves her bedroom to go across the hall to his other daughter’s bedroom…Time for Broken Daughters.

Scene Two: Kara’s Room

Dad walks across the hall in to his youngest daughters bedroom. Kara is still wearing her pajamas in bed, as Dad walks up to her and begins to grab at her big, natural tits. He grabs her hand and rubs it on top of his cock that is starting to get hard. She slowly opens her eyes… “Dad, why are you doing this?!” she asks. “Because your sister wouldn’t let me do it to her!” Luke explains. He sucks on her nipples before shoving his cock inside of her. “Ouch!!” she yells, as he puts his hand over her mouth. “I’m going to fuck you until you like it!” he tells her. Kara winces with every stroke of his cock. “Ow, daddy!” she continues to moan, as he flips her over and fucks her from behind. “Don’t you wake your mother up!” Luke tells her, as she is moaning in pain. Luke makes her say the words “cum in my tight pussy daddy” and she repeats what he tells her… he cums deep inside his youngest daughter’s pussy, and then tells her to go back to bed…

Scene Three: Daddy Blackmail

Michele and Kara are sitting on Michele’s bed in their pajamas… “I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” Michele begins to say. She explains to Kara how their daddy came in to her bedroom the other night and

striped her naked and had sex with her… she asks Kara if their daddy ended up going in to her room after like he said he was going to. “Yeah, he did…” Kara tells her, “He made me call myself his little cumslut, and I don’t even know what that means!” Michele explains to her how a cumslut is a girl who loves when a guy cums inside of her! The two girls confess to each other how they actually liked when their daddy fucked them, although they don’t know if it’s wrong or not. They decide to blackmail their daddy in to having sex with them again by threatening to tell their mother if he doesn’t have sex with them again! Luke doesn’t want his wife, Cory, to find out about this so he agrees to have sex with both of his daughters at the same time… “I’m going to have 2 new cumsluts!” he says, as he starts to grab at both of their big, natural breasts. The girls start playing with each other’s tits as well.

“You better fuck me good this time or I’m telling mom!” Michele says to her daddy, as he sticks his hard cock inside of her first. Kara slides underneath Michele so she can lick her pussy and her daddy’s cock while he continues to fuck Michele. He fucks his younger daughter, Kara, next as the girls blackmail him again by saying that he better fuck her right too, if he doesn’t want their mother to find out about this! Luke instructs Michele to spread Kara’s ass cheeks so he can fuck her pussy from behind. “Do you like having fun with daddy?” he asks the girls, and they nod in agreement. “Daddy, I want to be your cumslut again!” Kara says. Michele says that she wants to be his cumslut too… it just wouldn’t be fair if only Kara got to be his cumslut today! So the 2 girls lay down next to each other on the bed and eagerly wait for their daddy to cum on their faces and in their mouths! He explodes all over them just like they asked, but then something happened that they weren’t expecting… their mother, Cory, walks in to Michele’s room while the girls have cum all over their faces! “Oh, sweeties, I am so sorry that your father did this to you!” but the girls explain to her that they like this and they wanted this. Cory runs out of the room to yell at her husband…

Scene Four: Mom is a Cuckqueen

Luke is fucking his daughter’s, Michele and Kara, on the bed that he shares with his wife. Just as he has his cock in Michele’s pussy, Cory ends up walking through the door! Cory is horrified to see her husband fucking her oldest daughter, but the girls tell her to calm down and watch! Kara starts to grab at her mother’s shirt and she pulls it off; she pulls her bra off next. Cory is unsure about what is going on here, but the girls push her head down on the bed so she can watch up close!! Luke takes his cock out of Michele’s pussy for a moment, and inserts it in Cory’s mouth. “Do you like how your daughter’s pussy tastes?!” they ask their mother, but she doesn’t exactly give a response… Kara puts her daddy’s cock in her mouth next, before Luke puts his cock back in Michele’s pussy. Cory is still freaking out, so Kara puts her hand over her mother’s mouth. Then the sisters trade places, while Cory is still watching in horror. Luke fucks Cory next, while Michele tells her daddy to cum all over their mother’s face and in her mouth to shut her up! Luke ends up exploding in Cory’s mouth, and Michele and Kara both lick the sides of Cory’s cum-filled mouth afterwards. “Swallow it all, mom!!” Michele tells her…