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michele James Stealing_My_Daughters_innocence Sale!

Mom is making Dinner in the kitchen…There’s a full salad bowl on the table among other meal prep. Dad comes in and starts groping her. She tries to push him away, and says, “Stop, I’m busy and our daughter will be home from school soon.”

Michele James in Stealing My Daughter’s Innocence

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Product Description

Scene One: Forced to Watch

Mom is making Dinner in the kitchen…There’s a full salad bowl on the table among other meal prep. Dad comes in and starts groping her. She tries to push him away, and says, “Stop, I’m busy and our daughter Michele James will be home from school soon.”

Dad becomes angry and begins to rip and pull down clothing off of Mom. Mom begs him to stop and starts to cry. Dad starts to hurt and fuck Mom brutally.

After a few minutes daughter walks in and stares in shock. Mom notices her and tells her to go to her room. Dad shouts, “No! Stay where you are you little bitch.” Dad keeps fucking Mom in front of daughter. Mom’s humiliation only increases due to this. Mom begs Dad to stop. He continues to fuck her and verbally humiliate her.

Dad is doing it hard with single thrusts. Each thrust causes Mom to yelp. Daughter has slumped to her knees and stares at the ground.

Dad stops, letting Mom fall to the floor, and tells Daughter to get up and come over. She does so shyly. Dad grabs Daughter by the chin and tells her to stop looking at the floor. “I want you to watch your whore of a mother get fucked. This is her purpose, the reason she exists.”  She stares at Dad’s cock. Dad picks Mom up and bends her over. He fucks her again. When he’s done, Dad picks up the salad bowl and dumps it on her face. As he walks out of the kitchen he says, “Hurry up with dinner.”

Later that night…Family eating at the dinner table. Dad is the only one eating. Mom stares straight ahead with empty eyes. Daughter holds her hands in her lap and stares at her plate.

Scene Two: Use Your Daughter

We hear sounds that can only be rough sex. A bedroom is revealed. On top, Dad is forcing himself onto Mom. She hates it. Dad is calling her foul names – “cunt, whore, cuntmeat, worthless, etc.”.

Dad isn’t getting any pleasure from it. Mom’s pussy is too worn out for him to feel anything. He says as much and flips her over to fuck her from behind. She becomes desperate and begins to flail to stop him. He overpowers her. Mom starts screaming, “This hurts!” He keeps going. In her desperation she yells out, “Use your daughter, Michele James, please!” Dad stops, thinks it over. He violently grabs her hair and pulls her head back. He spits in her face and says, “You’re a terrible mother.” And leaves the room. Mom stays on the bed crying. She curls up into a fetal position.

Dad goes to his daughter’s bedroom. He turns on the light and throws her covers off. He slowly unbuttons her cute little pajamas and tells her, “Don’t move and be quiet or Daddy will make it worse.” She’s terrified. He puts a collar on her.

Dad then helps himself to his daughter. She hates it and it hurts. She cries and whimpers the whole time. Dad verbally humiliates her the entire time. Calls her a cum dumpster, a bimbo in training, etc. Tells her he made her to be a fuck puppet. She calls out for mommy. Dad tells her, “Mommy can’t help her, Mommy can hear them right now and she’s not going to do anything.”

When Dad is done he cums inside her. Dad starts to caress her hair as she cries. Dad tells her that from now on when she comes home from school she is to take off all her clothes and put her collar on. She’s not allowed to wear clothes at home anymore. From now on her job is to make Daddy’s cock feel good. As Dad gets out of bed, Daughter turns over. He tells her she’s not allowed to clean herself tonight.

Dad goes back into his bedroom. Mom looks at him afraid. He tells her to clean his cock with her mouth. She hurriedly re-positions herself and licks his flaccid cock clean while he rests.

Scene Three: Forced Blowjob

Michele comes home from school. Dad is at the couch watching TV. When she comes in he stares at her without saying a word. Daughter apprehensively says, “Hi Daddy.” He doesn’t respond. He just stares at her. She stands there awkwardly. The tension is terrible. Daughter nervously fiddles with her hands, her shirt. After 30 seconds, Dad says, “What the fuck are you suppose to do?” Daughter recoils back, “Yes daddy, I’m sorry daddy.” She starts to take off her clothes. Her distress is obvious. She’s in hell and there is no escape. She pulls a collar from her backpack and puts it around her neck. She turns back to Dad, covering her tits and pussy with her hands.

Dad commands, “Get over here. Stand in front of me.” She slowly walks over and stands in front of Dad. He tells her, “put your hands down.” She lowers her hand to her sides exposing her body. Dad gets up and starts to grope her tits and pussy. He treats her like a piece a meat. While he gropes her she stares straight ahead trying to disassociate. She starts to cry. He shoves two fingers up her pussy. It hurts her.

Dad takes his clothes off and sits back down. “Suck my cock.” Daughter timidly starts to suck him off. After a few minutes he starts to fuck her face. He fucks her face brutally, causing her to gag and cry. He then fucks her on the couch and grabs her throat till He comes in her mouth and tells her not to swallow it yet. She’s disgusted. He has her show him her mouth full of cum. He tells her to swallow it. She does, but it causes her to gag violently.

We later see, Daughter, Michele James vomiting in the bathroom with a empty stare on her face…

Scene Four: Shared Daughter

Dad is having an adult beverage, laughing. The daughter is kneeling and motionless. She’s a statue, an object, waiting to be used. Dad starts to touch her back and shoulders. She doesn’t like it. Dad starts to use daughter for his pleasure. He tells her how fucking stupid she is, how she is a worthless piece of meat and this is all she deserves.

At this point Mom walks into the room carrying a fresh drink. She sees her daughter being fucked. Daughter looks at her desperately, pleading with her eyes. Daughter reaches out to her Mom with her hand. Mom stares at her daughter in horror for a few seconds. Eventually, she looks away and walks around them and puts the drink on the table and tries to leave the room.

Dad grabs Mom and forces her to join in…Dad fucks them both and Michele works up the courage to fight back. Mom tells her it is not worth it and to just lay there…When he is done, he cums in daughter’s face… She lies alone for a few seconds. Mom looks at Michele and tells her, “This room is messy. Clean it up, then start dinner. And clean yourself off, you’re disgusting.” Mom leaves. Daughter, Michele James, stays on the floor, staring into space.

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