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Nadia_White_Cory_Chase_Harley_Quinn_Super_Gurl Sale!

Nadia White scores the ultimate fuck you. Stealing Super Gurl’s body and humiliating her with her own friends cocks. Harley gets her revenge!

Nadia White in Harley Quinn and Super Gurl Conversion

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Product Description

Scene One: Stagnation of clarity

“Mr. J this serum is going to be spectacular. I’m going to be her and she’s going to be me” Nadia White as Harley says to her boyfriend. Imagine all she can do as Super Gurl. Harley convinces Super Gurl to drink the serum before being taken away to Arkham. “This makes me feel so warm and tingly” Super Gurl says and becomes insatiably horny.

“I want to do something to you before I take you to Arkham” Super Gurl says, reaching down and grabbing Harley’s big tits. Super Gurl worships Harley, unable and unwilling to stop herself from sucking on the super villains big tits and licking her sweet pussy. Now turned on herself, Harley licks Super Gurl and gives her the orgasm of her life. Even after her orgasm Super Gurl is still horny. Now it’s time for Harley to spring her trap! She switches bodies with Super Gurl, leaving her stunned. “What am I going to do!” Super Gurl says in Harley’s body.

Scene Two: Punisher administers the punishment

Super Gurl calls in the Punisher to help her bring the new Harley to justice. Super Gurl tries to explain but Punisher doesn’t believe her. “We should have some fun with her before we take her in, really teach her a lesson” Harley says in Super Gurl’s body. “Get down on your knees and open your mouth. That’s it, suck cock!” She demands.

Punisher forces his cock into her little pleading mouth and gets it nice and wet. Super Gurl bends her over and Punisher fucks her from behind. The real Super Gurl can’t understand why this is happening, why no one will understand she’s not really Harley Quinn. The two of them fuck her and destroy her. They make her ride on top of Punisher’s cock and cum like a slut in heat. They force her face into licking pussy while her slit is used. But the ultimate humiliation and punishment? A big load from her former boyfriend all over her terrified face.

Scene Three: Avoiding Arkham

“Just let me go” Harley pleads with her. But Super Gurl has another man coming over, Bane. He walks in ready to do Super Gurl’s bidding. Harley tries to explain what happened, but Bane shuts her up with his cock. Harley doesn’t want to get fucked again so she goes to work sucking as hard as she can. “What a little slut!” Super Gurl laughs.

But her sucking is not enough for Bane, he picks her up and makes her ride on top of him. “You look totally humiliated right now” Super Gurl says. “Because it is humiliating” Harley cries her response. She’s never been used like this before, violated like a whore. Super Gurl plays with her new pet, taunting and teasing her until Bane has his big load milked all over Harley’s face. “You should really clean yourself up. We are going to have so much fun together” Super Gurl laughs at her as she cries on the floor.

Scene Four: Broken and saved

Harley’s broken out of Arkham all in an attempt to get back to her own body. Punisher finds her and tells her she’s going back to prison. “You’re going the hard way you crazy bitch” He yells and shoots her, knocking her .

Looks like Harley hasn’t learned her lesson from Punisher and Bane’s big cocks. They will have to give her another taste of justice. They tag team her, fucking her from the front and back. Forcing their cocks into her mouth and pussy. She can only moan in helpless horror as the men take their pleasure from her tiny body. One after another they shoot their load all over her face.

They tell her the terrible secret, they aren’t taking her back to Arkham this time. I wonder if anyone will save her from this nightmare.