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Mom Nadia White is hot and horny. Dad has left and you are here to scratch all her itches, plus she wants the balance of your inheritance…What is she willing to do and give up for your money???

Nadia White in a Loving Mother

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Product Description

Scene One: Helping me study

“What are you doing?” My mom asks walking into the kitchen. I was studying when I look up and my eyes almost pop out of my head. My mom is wearing see through red lingerie that makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. She’s never worn something like that before. “You poor thing. This semester has been so hard on you” She says sitting next to me. “I think I can help you relive some stress”

She reaches down and touches my pants. “It’s ok” She whispers as she bites her lip and pulls out my penis. “Let’s get you nice and relaxed so you can study and get good grades” She smiles at me. Mom looks into my eyes and strokes me faster and faster. God what is happening, I’m so confused I don’t know what to do. Mom takes full control of me, whispering dirty things as a feeling rises up inside me. “That’s a good boy, cum for me” She says and I shoot cum into her warm hands. She zips me back up and I get back to studying, unable to think about anything at all…

Scene Two: Mommy is hot

“I called your teacher and I’m so proud of you, you worked so hard on that test” Mom tells me. “I have a big surprise for you” She opens her robe and sits on the edge of the kitchen counter spreading her legs. I’m paralyzed in fear as she tells me to taste her pussy. My penis is so hard and she asks me to put the head in just a little bit.

What I’m doing is so wrong. I know it’s wrong but mom tells me what to do. “Give me the whole thing” She begs me. In and out, my hips instinctively thrust into her warm pussy as she moans. I touch her big breasts and she begs me to cum inside of her. On the edge of oblivion I lose all control of myself and cum, holding myself close to her as her warm pussy is filled. She tells me to get cleaned up so she can take me out to dinner.

Scene Three: Mom wants my inheritance

Mom comes into my room to tell me that my grandfather left me everything. I don’t really understand what that means but mom explains that she will need me to give her money. “Doesn’t mommy take good care of you?” She asks me and takes out my penis. Her hand wraps around me and strokes making me feel so good. She tells me all the things she needs me to pay for and she puts her mouth on my penis. Each time she does so my eyes roll into the back of my head and I agree to whatever she wants.

Her mouth feels amazing and intense. “Baby I love you, and I treat you so well” Mom says to me getting on top of me and sliding me inside of her. I would give her anything just to have her fuck and suck me forever. There is no more amazing feeling that my mother fucking me. “Let me clean you off” She says sucking me clean. “Now put it in my ass” She turns around. I don’t understand what she means as she guides me in her tight hot ass. Within seconds I’m about to shot my load. My orgasm starts to build and she quickly turns around and sucks me into her mouth. “I love the taste of your cum” She tells me and I feel completely used.

Scene Four: Watching Mommy change

I can’t stop thinking about my mother. Every second of the day I think of her. I peak through her open door at her looking in the mirror and slipping into some hot black lingerie. The site of it makes me want to scream. I can’t control myself around her. “Don’t think I didn’t see you, come here” She tells me. I touch myself as she lays on the bed and opens her legs. “Mommy would like to watch you stroke your cock” She says.

Mom touches herself in front of me and I rub faster. She pulls out her big tits and slides her lingerie to the side. “Taste mommy’s pussy” She tells me and pulls my head down. She rubs herself faster and faster and I watch her cum. Something about the way she moans just makes me want to explode. “Keep going cum for mommy” She tells me and drops to the floor, sucking my cock and drinking down all my cum.