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Nikki Brooks in Black Widow vs Ultron

Nikki Brooks as Black Widow needs a massage after a day of battling Ultron and Robot Minions. She had no idea Ultron had one minion left and she loses…

Nikki Brooks in Black Widow vs Ultron


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“I’ve never really done this” Black widow says, laying down on a massage table. Ever since her battle with Ultron her body has been stiff and broken. She needs something to work out the kinks. As he rubs her neck he applies some special oils.

Instantly Widow feels the effects of the oil and she knows it’s a trap. She reaches out to attack him but it’s too late. Closing her eyes Black Widow is at the masseuse’s mercy. He strips her naked and feels her big breasts in his hands. Inside her head Widow is screaming. She forces herself awake again and again only to be put back down by the oil. She can’t move as the oil is rubbed all over her body. “Where are you taking me” She yells, paralyzed. “I’m taking you to Ultron” He responds and she screams in terror.

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