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nikki brooks cory chase brain drain incident

Super Villain Brain Drain is at it again, stealing all the money from the City banks. Super Gurl is sent to stop her but is caught in a Brain Drain Incident

Nikki Brooks in Brain Drain Incident


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Product Description

Scene One:

The super villain Brain Drain is at it again. She’s gotten all the banks in the city to remodel at the same time, leaving them open for her to steal all the money Metropolis. Super Gurl flies in at the last minute to save the city and end Brain Drains plans the brain drain Incident.

Just before being taken to jail Brain Drain opens her shirt. “Don’t think your moves are going to work on me” Super Gurl says as Brain Drain begins to seduce her. Super Gurl has a hard time speaking, her brain becoming fuzzy as the villain kisses her. She gropes Super Gurl’s hot body as she Drains all the thoughts from her super heroine head. “I just had to make sure you weren’t going to be in my way” Brain Drain says to the mindless brain Super Gurl. Now she can do whatever she wants.

Scene Two:

Brain Drain introduces her fans to her new pet, Super Gurl. “She won’t defeat me” Super Gurl says fighting Brain Drain’s control. With the flick of her hand Brain Drain slowly starts to blank out Super Gurl’s thoughts. Super Gurl becomes so confused, forgetting where she is and what words to say.

Watch as Brain Drain kisses Super Gurl passionately and Super Gurl can’t stop her from doing it. She reaches down and touches Super Gurl’s pussy increasing her confusion as her mind is wiped clean. “I’ve turned super Gurl into a mindless, useless puppet” Brain Drain tells her fans as Super Gurl stares blankly into the camera.

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