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I catch my mom, Nikki Brooks, cheating on my dad. Time to get everything I ever wanted from her and more, a fully nude cosplay toy.

Nikki Brooks in Cosplay and Blackmail

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Product Description

I catch my mother on the phone talking to someone who isn’t dad. She rubs herself as she talks to her new lover and I can’t help but watch. She see’s me and quickly gets off the phone. “What do you want, I’ll do whatever” She begs me and I have just the thing in mind.

I throw her a costume to put on and watch as she transforms herself into my dream girl. The skin tight super heroine costume makes me so hard. She’s so pissed off about it, so I put a rag over her cheating mouth and knock her out. I bring her to my bed and lay out her perfect body. Unbuttoning the costume I use her, and grope her, her big tits bouncing. Fuck this is better than I ever imagined, as I deposit my lust deep inside of her.