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Nikki Brooks in Daddy Daughter Limp Fetish Vacation - Cory Chase Fetish Sale!

Nikki Brooks came along on a business trip with her Dad. While he is giving the Presentation of his life, Nikki finds limp fetish videos on his computer.

Nikki Brooks in Daddy Daughter Limp Fetish Vacation

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Clip Length: 27 minutes Clip Resolution: 1920x1080 Clip Format: MP4 Featuring: , Category: Tags: , , , ,

Product Description

Scene One: Daddy has a Limp Fetish

Nikki and her father have gone on a trip so he can give a big presentation. While he’s away Nikki snoops on his computer. She finds some interesting limp videos buried in his hard drive and thinks their hot as fuck. When daddy comes back home she tells him how hot the videos were and she has a limp fetish too. Calmly he walks behind her to get a drink but when he turns around he shoves a rag into her face.

“Deep breath, deep breath” He tells he, and she falls into his arms. Placing her on the table he strips his daughter naked, touching and squeezing her hot body. She wakes up and he puts her back down. This is his time to enjoy. When she’s up again she puts out her hands, “Wait wait” She tells him “That was awesome, it was so hot not knowing what you did” Nikki says to him and smiles that she can share this with her father.

Scene Two: Daughter has a limp fetish

That night dad is settling into bed when Nikki jumps next to him. “Let’s make a limp video” She suggests. Something that she can watch tomorrow while daddy is at his conference. He looks at her slightly stunned but agrees and wraps his arms around her. Holding the rag tight against her face, Nikki slips into oblivion.

Sliding off her tight little panties he ties her hands with them. He spreads her legs and thrusts into her. Nikki’s big breasts bounce as he uses her. In her mental state she moans at the feeling. Dad has his way with her until he cums. Nikki opens her eyes. “Did you have fun daddy?” She giggles. He tells her to take a shower before she realizes what happened to her.

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