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The notorious gangster has a plan to get rid of the nosy detective.

Nikki Brooks in Gangster Boss vs. Detective Brooks


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Product Description

The gangster Mistress Cory has a warrant for her arrest, so she decides to turn herself in. But only if the detective faces her in a challenge with any weapon she chooses. If Cory wins she goes free. But if Detective Brooks wins she gets to arrest Cory and have a large cash donation. The detective isn’t afraid of anything and goes to meet her fate.

As they meet the challenge is given. Who can make the other orgasm first? They strip down and begin to touch, kiss, and moan. Detective Brooks can win any fight, but as Mistress Cory’s fingers make her moan, she begins to doubt herself. Cory breaks her and makes her cum all over her big black boots. With a desperate gasp, Detective Brooks grabs her gun. But it’s all over. Cory ends the detective’s threat once and for all.