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Mommy is horny and Dad is away, she wants nothing more than the hard young cock of her son. Wine in hand, Nikki gets what she wants.

Nikki Brooks in Family Love

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Product Description

Scene One: Anniversary

The bedroom light comes on and Mom Walks into my bedroom. She whispers, “Shhh baby, it’s early, it’s not time to get up. Do you know what today is? It’s been one year since we made love for the first time! I wanted to celebrate in the morning but I just couldn’t wait. Don’t worry Daddy’s asleep, we just have to be real quiet.” She then slips her hand under the covers and starts playing with my pecker. She whispers, “Oh baby, I love how your thingy is always so hard.” She then slips out of her robe, gets under the covers, get on top of me, and guides my pecker into her, slightly moaning as she does. She leans forward so she is on all fours, throws her head back and starts rocking back and forth. She does this for a few minutes, whispering words I can’t quite make out. She cums with a little cry. She looks at me with an amazed look, smiles, presses a finger against her lips and leaves.

Scene Two: Party with Mommy

There is the sound of a party in the background. Nikki pops her head out of the bathroom door, puts her finger to her lips and then waggles it for me to come in. She asks, “Are you having a good time at your party baby? This all for you. Well my little man is growing up and I want to give you something very special for your birthday.” She then unzips my pants and pulls out my pecker, she gets on all fours and looks up directly at me and asks, “Baby, would you do something for me? When I’m sucking your peepee would you pull my hair and pull my head backwards and forwards so it’s like you are making me suck your peepee? Oh, baby I love you so much.” She then gives me head, thrusting her face forwards and backwards. After wards she whispers, “Wait just a minute before you go back to the party okay.” and smiles.

Scene Three: Cum to Mommy

Nikki leads me down the hallway to her bedroom. In the bedroom, she takes off her robe, puts a pillow in the middle of the bed, and lays naked on the side of the bed so her head is propped up by the pillow and her feet are touching the floor, legs spread. She looks directly into my eyes and says, “Take your clothes off baby, Mommy wants to do it so bad.” She asks, “Do you like watching Mommy play with her self? Mommy loves doing that for you. Why don’t you play with your thing while Mommy plays with her peepee?” This goes on for a little while, Nikki’s face gets very intense during this. Mommy then says, “Now fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy’s pussy.” I move in and start having sex with her. Nikki says, “Harder baby, harder, fuck Mommy hard.” etc. etc.. For a couple of minutes until she raises her legs in the air and tells me, “Fuck me baby, fuck me, fuck me as deep as you can.” This goes on a while until she cums. She lowers her legs and says, “I can’t believe how you always make me cum.” She reaches one hand between her legs, examines her fingers and says smiling, “And I’ll never know how you make so much cum.”

Scene Four: Filling Moms Holes

Mommy (fully nude) is lying in bed on her side very close to me. Stroking my face, she says, “I love you so much, I am so in love, I wish we could be married do nothing but hold each other all day.” She pauses, smiles, and laughs, “But honey we can’t get married mommies and sons can’t get married. You are so silly. Besides I’m already married to your Father.” She laughs again and says, “Trust me, I can’t be married to both of you. We are just going to have to keep our little secret. But let’s have some fun okay?” She gets up on all fours, she tells me to get behind her and look closely at her asshole and pussy. She is playing with herself with one hand while she supports herself with the other. She tells me to get behind her and to start screwing her doggystyle. She starts throwing her head back and forth and rocking back and forth. She says, “Now put your peepee in Momy’s butthole, that’s it, Now fuck Mommy’s ass! Fuck Mommy up the ass! That’s it, fuck me up the ass! You know those bad word’s you shouldn’t say? Call me those words. Call me a whore, tell Mommy she’s a slut. That’s it, fuck me up my ass, fuck me like a whore.” She really screams, “Oh God, I’m cumming!” She collapses face forward. I pullout, after a pause, she turns to face me, kisses me and wearily says, ” I am the luckiest Mother in the world.”