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nikki brooks girls rule

Nikki Brooks shows the gym bully that girls rule. She uses her powerful legs to squeeze the breath out of Dustin Steele and put him to sleep.

Nikki Brooks in Girls Rule


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Scene One: Underestimated

“Come on let’s see what you got!” He yells at Nikki as they grapple. Nikki is going to show him that she’s not just some weak little girl. With one twist of her hips she throws him on his back. “What the hell” He yells in surprise. She smashes her hips onto his cock and makes him scream in pain.

With her arms around his throat she tells him to submit and admit how weak he really is. Round after round she makes him submit after choking the life out of his pathetic body. Each time he wrestles her he becomes weaker and weaker, his strength draining from lack of oxygen.

Scene Two: Scissors of life

He can’t even get up off the mat. His body in pain and barely able to move he can’t get away from her. Nikki jumps on top of him and puts his head between her legs. With her strong thighs she squeezes the life out of him.

He tries to hold onto consciousness as Nikki destroys him and taunts him. She makes him humiliate himself by admitting how weak he is. Finishing him she leaves him asleep and disgraced on the gym floor.

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