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nikki brooks cory chase super gurl lena luthor Sale!

Lena Luthor is smarter and more devious than her brother and she has a very special package for Super Gurl. It drains Super Gurl’s thoughts and turns her.

Nikki Brooks in Lena Luthor vs Super Gurl

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Product Description

Scene One: Mind Fucked

Lena Luthor is both smarter and more devious than her brother and she has a very special package for Super Gurl. Inside is a very special kryptonite that her lab developed. It drains Super Gurl’s thoughts and turns her into a husk of her former self. “Yes mistress” Super Gurl says in obedience.

Now that she has the goddess Super Gurl under her control, Lena wonders what she’s going to do with her. “What’s the matter?” Lena teases as Super Gurl tries to fight being her super slut. She commands her to pleasure her new mistress, getting to her knees and licking Lena’s soft wet pussy.

But she want’s to have power over Super Gurl too. Years of dealing with the bubbly headed idiot, pretending to be her friend has built up a lot of rage in Lena. She gets Super Gurls pussy nice and wet before fucking her like a god damn whore. No longer a hero, now only Lena’s Super Slut!

Scene Two: Creamed

Lena’s assistant walks in as Super Gurl is sucking a strap-on. “Please” Super Gurl manages to gasp to him.”How would you like to stick your cock into her tight hole?” Lena asks. Super Gurl looks on in horror unable to stop him from bending her over the desk and ramming his cock into her pussy. She grunts in frustration, sucking on Lena’s strap-on while being plowed.

Her super tongue gives her mistress the orgasm of a lifetime. Just the thought of controlling the most powerful woman in the world and making her get fucked by some minimum wage lackey is amazing. Lena forces Super Gurl to the floor to open her mouth and receive a disgusting load of cum. To swallow it down like a cat in heat and the while her brain is unable to regain control of her body. Lena takes a photo of Super Gurl covered in cum to blackmail her forever.

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