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nikki brooks in lust for Mommy

The only stronger than my lust for Mommy Nikki Brooks is her lust for me. Mom seduces me and shows her lovely body all over the house.

Nikki Brooks in Lust for Mommy


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Scene One: Mommy on the couch

With the soft click of her heels my mom walks into the room. I can tell she’s been out having fun. Her party dress on with no bra tells me everything I need to know. But something strange is in her eyes as she walks over to me. I try to speak but she says. “Be a good boy and don’t say a word.” I never will, I have an undeniable lust for Mommy!

She teases me and slowly takes off her tight dress. I’m too scared to move, mom gets to her knees and places her hand on my pants. With one hand on her pussy she takes out my penis and puts it in her hot mouth. My body fills with white hot fire and I feel crazy as she tells me to touch her. Her bobbing head going up and down makes me explode cum into her mouth. “That was a lot!” She laughs as she swallows me down and leaves me exhausted on the couch.

Scene Two: Darkened room

The next night I open my sleeping eyes to see mom in my bedroom. What’s wrong, I think as I get up from bed. With a strong push she throws me back on the bed and says “I want you to fuck mommy” My eyes open wide with shock as she jumps on top of me and grabs my penis.

I feel myself go hard, and as quickly as she can she slides me into her. Her hot pussy envelops me and I feel like I’m totally inside of her as she slides up and down on me. This is my first time, and it’s my mom taking me in the middle of the night. I push her off of me and thrust into her, my instincts taking over as I make her scream into her nighty. She can feel me start to cum and quickly puts me in her mouth. I just hope dad didn’t hear us.

Scene three: Angry fuck mommy

Mom calls me into her room and tells me to be quiet. “You want mommy to show you something?” She asks and pulls up her dress. Dad’s in the living room watching TV, what if he comes in here I think. She rubs herself and shows me her new lingerie as she strips.

“I want you to fuck mommy angry, like I’m going to take away all your video games” She whispers to me. She tells me to be mad at her and fuck her hard. “Good boy” She moans as I push her down on the bed. The thought that she wants me to fuck her with dad in the other room makes me angry for some reason and I ram my cock into her making her tits bounce fast. As I start to cum I put my hands around her neck and choke her. She gasps and orgasms at the feeling of my hot cum filling her pussy. I leave her quivering on the bed.

Scene Four: Mommy’s soft hands

The next morning mom comes in with some massage oil. “You’ve been such a good boy to me” She smiles. Now she wants to give me a reward. She pulls out my cock and begins to stroke me. The oil slides down me and her hands start to stroke. Slipping off her robe I get to look at her perfect breasts while she pleasures me.

At first I’m a little disappointed she’s not fucking me but soon the teasing and edging make it seem even better. It’s like she’s keeping me right before the moment I cum. Moaning she strokes me faster and faster until I explode all over her hands. I will be the best son for her if I get this from my mommy.

***Exclusive Handjob***

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